Monday, July 13, 2009

Well, HELLO!

I bet you thought I dropped off the face of the earth! LOL

We have been soooo busy. And when we aren't busy, we are exhausted. I do love being smack dab in the middle of summer and having a lot to do though. It is just GOOD. Ya know? Good stuff.

So, I have to brag on Kela. :-D

She got up this morning, before anyone else, went up to the barn, cleaned the horse's stall, fed her, watered her, filled her stall with new sawdust stuff, and then... came home and took care of the goaties!! And the goaties are not even her job!!

WOW, right?!?!

I was impressed. :) And it takes a lot to impress me, it really does ;)

PLUS, btw, she also made two thank-you cards to send to my cousin Johnny and his company who donated stuff to her 4H camp. AND made brownies for a couple down at church (which we haven't delivered yet, but I will deliver these brownies if it kills me) whose family is going through a rough time right now.

(quick topic switch, hold on to your seats)

This poor family :( I am sooooo saddened by their whole situation right now :( I have to write about it.

The dad, or grandpa is what I should say maybe, he recently found out he has cancer in his spine. It is not looking good at all. Today he is at the hospital for 8 hours (8 hours!) doing chemo. Tomorrow 6. :( His sister, just recently had a surgery for a cerebral hemorrhage. :(

Well, last night he told us all about his grand-daughter. She is 11. She is a sweetie pie. Well, she had a stroke. She is 11. How does an 11 year old little girl have a stroke?!?! :( she is paralyzed on her whole right side and she doesn't even know her own name. *sob*

Prayers would be sweet, and appreciated I am sure.

(another quick subject change, you don't need tissues for this one)

So we are so busy still. The summer is not getting less busy. We have two weddings, and a baby shower, and a birthday party to go to in the next couple of weeks. Plus we will still be going up to Linda's to deliver her china cabinet soon.

That is, if Kevin gets it finished anytime soon.

(subject change again!)


His old boss has been asking him to come back to work immediately if not sooner, for ... oh... the past few months :) But is in a sort of bind with a kitchen or something and is nearly in beggin mode to get Kevin to come back this week. :)

That is nice for the ego, I will tell you. I hope Kevin can help him out. And the paycheck will certainly be appreciated too :)

His old boss is a good guy. He is our preacher. :)

So. I think that's all I got.

(You could breathe a big sigh of relief at this point. Ooops it'll be short-lived relief because...)


Tomorrow night at midnight: HARRY POTTER!


(ok. I am done now. I think. haha)


  1. You guys are certainly keeping busy!

  2. Wow, you are busy! My prayers are with that family too.

  3. Wow, you are a busy woman. Thanks for the update!