Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Update on the little girl

Yesterday I told you about the little girl who had a stroke...


She did NOT have a stroke!! She had a migraine. And she came out of her paralysis and disorientation yesterday and is now FINE!

I cannot tell you how relieved I was to get this news yesterday.

I can express my absolute disgust with our Health Care "system"...

Seriously, that family is now going to have medical bills out the wazoo. They were so stressed already because the doctors told them their daughter had a stroke. Now they are dismissing them with some kind of meds, and do not expect to see anything of the family anymore, except half their paychecks, whether in premiums or actual bills or both. Which come to think of it, will prolly be more than half their pay for a while since they had to actually use the "system".

Am I making sense? Prolly not. I guess I cannot express that either. I may try to type out a well-thought-out and concise post containing all my extremely coherent thoughts on the subject someday. Maybe. Or not. haha


I have to put some gratitude into words here:

Kevin can be so nice :)

Last night my nose was stuffy (its the ac, I'm tellin' ya) and he woke up in the middle of the night just to hook up the humidifier so that I could breathe!! I thought that was awful nice of him! ♥

Then this morning, Kela woke up all by herself again, and went up to take care of Babe, and also took care of the goats, and then ... fixed everyone breakfast!!! Bacon and scrambled eggs and toast!

What a sweetie-pie, huh?

I am typing this so that when she is driving me NUTSO I will remember that she has a good heart in there somewhere!! haha She really does have a good heart. It isn't her fault the hormones take over sometimes. (And I expect everyone to remember this when I am a cranky butt too!! LOL)

So anyhow, that is a small update from yesterday :)


  1. Glad to hear she is ok and it was less serious than a stroke...how scary! Enjoy Harry Potter!

  2. Wow! I am so glad that the little girl is okay! How terrifying for her and her family. Those doctors need a good dummy slap!

    What an amazing girl Kela is. And breakfast, no less!

    I'm glad your summer is full of fun. We won't make the midnight showing, but hopefully I will be able to compare notes with you after we see the movie this weekend. :)

  3. What an answer to prayer, I am so happy she is going to be okay.
    And can I borrow Kela for a week or so? What an awesome little girl!
    We are going to see HP this weekend. Noah is so excited!

  4. I'm glad to hear the girl is okay. I've never heard of a migraine causing paralysis, though. I had my first migraine at age 9, though I don't hear of too many children with serious migraine problems.

  5. Johanna, migraines is what they told us my Faithy had when she was having paralysis, headaches, and blindness among other neurological things going on. Of course they later changed their story and ended up saying she was having "growth spurts" in her brain causing all of the problems.

    Her symptoms were horrible for about 6 months when she was 6 years old, and they gradually slowed down til it became like it is now: she rather infrequently has a symptom here and there, mostly a headache or a moment of forgetfulness.

    And you know what, they are now thinking the little girl from my post is NOPt having migraines, either.

    Honestly I have lost faith almost entirely in the medical system. And quite frankly it makes me SICK that it sounds as if I am going to have to have health insurance by law soon.


  6. You are making perfect sense. I was once totally debt free but I can tell you things thehappyhousewife has learned yet. You can live on 50% of your income but it only takes one emergency to destroy it. October 7, 2004 my husband was kicked in the knee. Not only did he get fired from his job but it took 6 months for him to find a job and then it was only paying less than 50% of his old income. I found two part-time jobs but we still barely brought in half of his income. No matter how much we cut back and I can pay our bills on about $800 a month before food and gas medical bills will eat up everything you have. After 5 years and we have had two kids we are now preparing to declare bankruptcy. Dave Ramsey only works if you have 2 incomes or a very large 1 income. One emergency room visit can eat up 50% of a yearly income. They thought I had thrown a blood clot to my brain. The final cost of two ER's and they couldn't get an ambulance so my husband had to drive me to the bigger hospital was $4500. You can't cut that many coupons even if you got a 50% discount (which doens't happen here ) 15% at best. I will pray for the family and let them know there are people out there that really do know what it is like.