Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I gained two pounds and had to pay for Weight Watchers today for the first time since hitting my goal.


But I was expecting it. I am 3 pounds over goal right now. If I lose one pound I won't have to pay next week.

I think I can do that.

then I want to lose the other 5 that I really wanted to lose originally, before I settled for a higher goal.

I think I can do it.

If I can keep myself on the priority list, that is.

Have you ever noticed how the Mom always ends up on the bottom of the list?!

Why do we do that to ourselves, seriously?

(pep talk follows)

We moms need to realize that if we are not up to par, things WON'T get done. We need to be healthy so that we can serve our families to the top of our ability.

We need to keep ourselves up there on the list, so that our family does not suffer!!

It has to be about US sometimes, in order for US to keep up the good work!!!



Now to try to put this into effect....

I vow to make time to take my daily walk this week!!!! That means EVERY DAY. MAKE TIME. Even if there are little people demanding my attention!!!!

How bout y'all???? :)

Cheer me on, I'll cheer you on ;)


  1. You have to pay them when you gain weight?!? Man that would be motivation for me!

  2. Oh yeah! It is good motivation too! LOL

    Thx Scrappy!!! I know you are doing fabulous!!! :-D

  3. Hang in there! You can SO do this. :)

    And you are right - we tend to put off the things for ourselves that need working on. Somehow I never have a hard time making a Reeses a mom priority...

  4. Yeah! Me either! Or a moolatte.....

    I am still awake and it is after midnight ~ actually, nearly 1 am! Eek!!

  5. You can do it! Rah! Rah! Rah!

    I'm with you on trying to find "me" time. I'm going through "something" right now... baby blues? So, I got Shane to take the kids out of the house for about 45 minutes. Amazing how it totally recharged me and I feel like a new woman... for now anyway. Taking a little walk once a day is a great idea. I should try it.

  6. I have a daily workout time that the family respects as my "me time". It's a good time to read, listen to music and pray. Physically exhausting, but emotionally and spiritually refreshing! lol

  7. Take it from and older farm chick, you HAVE to take some me time just to keep it together. Sometimes that means a 5:00am wake-up call.(ouch!) You are going to reach your weight goal as long as you are doing it for a healthy reason. We all know Barbie is someones pipe dream. You have a gorgeous day.