Monday, July 27, 2009

Ok, I'm ok now!

The weekend is over, it is now MONDAY!

Time to shrug off my complete and utter failure, dietarily speaking, this weekend (it got worse, Olive Garden was thrown into the picture on top of everything else...but I am not dwelling)...and move forward without beating myself up too much.

I have already kicked myself enough :-p

So, I got up early this morning, did most of the dishes, did a load of laundry, and now am in the process of waking up my kids so they may be productive today as well :)

The older two girlies are going to a sewing party today! They are excited. Kate (a very nice new girl at church, who is also expecting a baby, and if you are on my fb you saw her baby shower pics) is having the teenage girls over to sew some neat little projects. They are excited. Luckily for me, the younger girls get to hang out with Grandma K today! Whew! haha Otherwise I would have had to think of some other fun thing for them! LOL

So, anyhow, I hope to continue having a productive day, and also a Good Food Day! :)

Hope the goat is going to stay with her buck on Friday. I am sooo excited about that! :) Angie is going to let me have Bella's sister Alice to keep her company while her friend Hopey is off on her little vaca :)

My brother thinks I am nuts for having goats :)

Oh well. I have always wanted a small self-sufficient farm, even though I would never have known to call it that until recent years. ;)

It is my hope that sometime down the road I won't have to buy meat, eggs, or dairy products from the store at all. I would hope the same thing for veggies, but I have a slight problem, in the form of a Brown thumb, that keeps me from even daring to think about that! haha

Anyhow, here's to a good week for everyone! May you get everything done on your to-do lists this week, and prosper :)


  1. Sounds like you're having a good start to the week so far.

  2. Lol - good luck to Hope on her goat date. ;) may they be blessed with many kids. Har har har.

    I can't wait for the day that we can have some farmish animals. I want a chicken tractor.

  3. The key is just putting it behind you like it never happened! good are one of my weight loss inspirations!