Friday, July 31, 2009

It is all my fault

So, I took the templates in to the glass place on Tuesday, for Linda's china cabinet that Kevin is making.

And they called on Wednesday to say the glass (for her doors) was finished and ready to pick up.

I had told them I needed it by Friday and they had told me it would be ready any time between now and Friday.

So I wasn't feeling that great Wednesday, and I had hoped Kevin would be able to get the glass yesterday....Anywho, I never made it over to pick up the glass on Wednesday...Didn't make it yesterday, either... but I figured I could get it today.


Pulled into their parking lot this morning and saw a small sign on their door that said "Closed July 31st, Open August 3rd."

This sign was not on their door Tuesday.

I just wish they would have called me and told me to come get my glass. They knew I needed it by today. :(

But, lucky for me, Linda is being patient :)

We changed our plans all around...I am just going to go up to Lydia's party tomorrow, and stay all week for the VBS next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday... and Kevin is just going to pick up the glass on Monday evening, get it all put together and bring up the china cabinet on Tuesday.

This way we make the same number of trips that we planned (budgeted...) for. I just wasn't expecting to stay a whole week, so added bonus there :)

But I still feel badly that I never picked up the glass sooner. :(

I am so grateful for patient family members :)

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  1. I am sure she was an honest mistake...I hate making mistakes too.