Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm so sleepy

It is the rain! It makes me so tired. I have been doing NOTHING the past few days. My brother loaned me the first season of Firefly, and we have watched 4 or 5 episodes of it. Not bad :)

But other than that, and trying to motivate the kids when I am not the least bit motivated (which is hard to do btw) we have been pretty lazy around here.

I REALLY want to not feel this way. But it is like I cannot move my bulk around for nothing. I stand up and I wanna just sit back down. Truthfully, I am having trouble breathing, but I am pretty sure it is because of the humidity. That happens sometimes....

So, Kevin is needing my help and I am right now trying to get out of the house and go help him, all the while trying to get the kids to get ready for VBS.

Ok, and the dog, she is driving me nuts right now. I think people who LIKE dogs in the house are crazy!!!

So, there you have a boring little smidge of my lazy which I only have the OOMPH to get upset with the dog barking, and not much else. :-p

Sorry for the negativity. The positive vibe should return with the sunshine, when my eyes stop drooping :)


  1. Sounds like you need a vacation out here to Washington! Oddly, we have more than enough sunshine here. Or we can just swap houses for a week. I could use some rain. Sorry you are having a hard time getting going. I think we all need those few days sometimes. It might just be your body telling you to slow down.
    So let me know why you are going to be here and Gephry and I will come pick you up from the airport!

  2. Seriously? Who needs dogs, eh? My poor daughter wants a beagle and is counting the days until she gets married because that's when we said we'd get her a dog. Are we mean or what.

    Wanna come to the beach with me? That'll perk you up! ;)

  3. I'll take BOTH!! Washington first, then the beach in Florida! Or seriously, either way is fine! :)


    If you all knew how likely I am on taking you up on your offers, you may not have made them ;) hahaha

    Although I would have to say if I come by plane you may have to wheel me out of the airport... hahaha (never flown before!)

  4. Lol - now you know why Washington is famous for it's coffee - we would never get anything done in the winter without it! Still, I agree with BBMomma - come on out here for your sunshine. :) It finally cooled down and is sunny and in the high 60's toady.

  5. Oh please send in some rain here! We've missed it since March!