Monday, July 20, 2009

I should prolly not tell you this...

But I updated my opinion blog. *blush*

I am so sick of what I am hearing or reading in the national news, though. I couldn't help it. :-p


Kevin went back to work at his old job this morning. His old boss (who is also our preacher, in case you didn't remember that) has been asking him to come back for a while... well ever since he quit... :)

But I really hoped he could just do his business at home and we could live off his income from building cabinets. Which, honestly, we could, if he wanted to push it. He has another kitchen to do this year already. Now he is just going to have to do it in his spare time.

I am positive he could have got more kitchens to do if he wanted to try. But it is easier, I guess, for him to do them for another company where there is already steady work and also steady pay :)

Plus, Kevin is a nice guy and wanted to help a friend out ;) Seriously, Keith (his boss) has been asking him for a while, and kinda persistently, to come back and help him deal with the problems. Haha Business is never easy, I guess! :)

So, anyhow. Kevin went back to work this morning.

And I only sniffled a little bit, I promise. :-p

I got used to him being at home. Now I don't know what I am going to do. LOL

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  1. A reliable paycheck can be a blessing, and it's always great to be able to help out a friend, but I know that you will really miss having him around.