Thursday, July 23, 2009

I am a sad sad person!

I couldn't sleep last night. Well, first reason, my belly was not feeling very good. But, mostly I was soooo excited and I still am.

Hope the goat is going to be getting bred soon!!

I cannot tell you how excited I am over this. Seriously.

I cannot wait til august when she goes to visit her buck! LOL

I have been reading up on goat pregnancies and deliveries and I am so syked!

If she takes, we should have us a baby (or two or three or dare I even hope, four!) in January! :D She has already thrown twins, so she is very likely to do so again :)

And her first twins, Tarzan and Jane, are ADORABLE. I do so love the names that Angie comes up with. :) Angie is who I bought my goats from :) And she also is the one who has the buck that we are going to breed Hope to :)


I am not looking forward to having babies in the freezing cold weather of a January, though. I have to admit I am sooo worried they/it will die! :( We are only doing it because, apparently, that is the only way you can take a goat project for 4H...And Faithy realllly wants to take a goat project! :)

But I am really excited about milking! I am hoping I can use the milk, if for nothing else, for yogurt, or sour cream. :) :) :)

Yes, I am a sad sad person. This is the biggest excitement in my life since when I was having babies!! hahahaha

Look how cute the goats are though. This is Bella, she is still a baby. Just adorable, I tell ya :)

And Even Hopey is adorable! Just look at her!


  1. You're funny! For a minute there I thought you were going to tell us you were excited about YOU being pregnant :)

    But, the goats really are cute! Your girls are *so* lucky to be able to grow up at a farm!

  2. Oh, Marie. Don't I wish!!!!!!!!! haha

  3. I thought for sure you were going to announce you were pregnant! ha ha.
    But I am excited for you and the goat babies. I sure wished we lived closer so that we could come see this farm of yours.

  4. You know, the thing is, it doesn't really look like what I think of as a "farm" around here... haha

    And.. seriously, I hope I do get to announce that I am pregnant again before I die! LOL

  5. Cool! Yeah, we live on 1/8 and acre...I'd love to have chickens to get eggs from and a goat to breed. The kids would get such a kick out of it! I can't wait to see the babies.

  6. I am so insanely jealous of your goatiness! They are such wonderful creatures. :)

  7. Hey girl, your not a sad, sad woman. You are an important vessel in the ranks of farm chicks. Take it from this old farm gal of 36 years, sometimes (more often than not) it's those little quirks that make our day. Have a very Happy, Happy Day!