Saturday, June 13, 2009

Misnomers - sleepover, slumber party -

I love the word misnomer. :)

mis⋅no⋅mer  /mɪsˈnoʊmər/ [mis-noh-mer]
1. a misapplied or inappropriate name or designation.
2. an error in naming a person or thing.
1425–75; late ME < AF, n. use of MF mesnomer to misname, equiv. to mes- mis- 1 + nomer < L nōmināre

Sleepover is a misnomer. Slumber party, is a misnomer.

Kela's sleepover, even being a misnomer, was fun :) At least I think everyone had fun.

I stayed up watching movies with the older girls until about 2 am. Raechel and Kevin, Linda and Lincoln all went to bed the same time Paula and Lydia did, sometime around midnight. Most of the big girls stayed up the ENTIRE night!

Kevin got woke up at 5am by their giggles... so he went ahead out and worked in his shop :) Then he left and went to help clean down at the church building. We are starting a Gospel Meeting this week. (Anyone who is not busy, feel free to come on down to church with us, we'd love to have ya!! Sunday morning services at 9:15, Sunday Evening services at 7:00pm, then 7:30 pm nightly through Friday, call me if you want directions) ;)

So I spent this morning visiting with Paula and cute little Lydia, her adorable 10 month old babygirl who has just learned to walk! It was fun and entertaining. :) Linda was here too :) I love visits like that :)

Then this afternoon, after most of our company had gone... the two remaining girls and Kela and Cassie were up at the barn messing with Babe, getting ready to ride, and I had to go to walmart. So I went up to tell them that Kevin was asleep (he went to bed right around 4pm! LOL) and that I was leaving, and I walked in the barn only to hear the girls squealing!

They had a snake chasing them. Well one of the remaining girlies, Elisabeth, she is a brave one, had got a shovel and was chasing the snake back! haha Between Kela and Elisabeth, they got him killed! I think Kela dealt him his final blow. He was a black snake, prolly 4 feet long. EEEK!

So then I went ahead to walmart, and took along the two girls, one girl being the brave Elisabeth :) to meet their mama. And now my girls (along with Samantha, Daphne, and Clara) are making two Strawberry Pies, two Pumpkin Pies, and a Corn Casserole for the potluck tomorrow :)

And I am so tired I can hardly move!! I hope the food will be edible. I am not helping them at all! LOL


  1. I am tired just reading the word sleepover. Manga Dork is old enough now to where I just go on to bed and let them watch movies.

  2. When I was little I remember my mom threatened no more sleepovers because I would never sleep and then would come home and be cranky all day long. You are a brave brave woman.

  3. Wow! It sounds exhausting, but wonderful.

    I bet the gospel meetings will be great stuff. Wish we lived closer, I'd come. :)

  4. Sounds fun, but exhausting!