Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Meet Hope

I don't think you've been properly introduced :)

Hope is our adult goat who we got to be a companion for Bella, after our tragic loss of sweet baby Lydia. We are planning on breeding Hope in August. She has already thrown twins! YAY! :)

Faithy aka "goat girl" and I were out messing with the goats tonight and took these pics. Hope actually butted Faithy's leg and it left a bruise! :( But Faith didn't mind. She understood that it was because we were messing with her while she was trying to eat is all.

So we went in to mess around with Bella, who is less pushy, and smaller and cuter, and just generally easier to get along with because she is a sweet lil baby ;)

Hope decided she kinda liked the attention after all, if we were going to give it to Bella instead...Hope has also been known to butt poor little Bella as well, btw!
She disdainfully regards the Paparazzi. "No autographs tonight please."

We are not going to breed Hope in order to build up a herd or anything. We don't have the room for many goaties quite yet. But I do want to milk her! If I can figure out how to, without messing it up too much :)

I called and was talking to the 4H dude-in-charge of goats today and got the impression (I was already under this impression anyhow, from my lady I bought them from) that to take a goat project meant to take a market goat. In other words the end of the project being that the goat is sold for meat.

Yeah. Not happening with these goats. Faithy said she could never do that. lol I do not want to have to mess with a show thing... So I am hoping if we do figure out how to do a dairy project, we can get out of that part. :-p

Anyhow, so you've now met ornery Hope, and now you can rejoice that you do not have head-butting pets residing under your deck. I am happy I do though! :)


  1. "No autographs tonight please." Lol!

    What a fine goatherd Faith is! I love it.

    And I am totally covetous of your goats. I'm trying to reform.

  2. I am going to have a couple goats some day. I don't like mowing the lawn.
    I read this post the other day and about five minutes later, Bear randomly started talking about goats and what the name was of the goat we saw at the petting zoo. I, for the life of me could not think of anything, so I told him "Hope." This satisfied him and now all goats are named Hope!