Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kela's at Horse Camp

Kela and I spent the evening yesterday cleaning up Babe and trimming her up all nice and pretty so she'd be ready for Camp :) She looked awesome!! We took pics, but we took them on Mommy's camera!!! She had let Kela borrow it to take with her :) I should have tried to remember mine. O well.

It has really been hectic around here!

It hasn't helped that Kevin has been sick! Poor guy :( He doesn't get sick often. He started feeling bad Friday night. He even missed church (gospel meeting) Friday... Yesterday he went to bed in the middle of the afternoon when he wasn't helping Kela get ready! This morning he left church early and came home and went to bed. He is still not feeling good :(

I woke him up around 1:30 this afternoon, so that he could start getting the trailer ready and stuff while I ran with Faithy and Raechel to Krogers to get Kela some snacky stuff :) I got her tons. Overcompensating for feeling like I am abandoning her, maybe? haha

So I got her tons (hehe) and then came home and Kevin, Kela, Cassie and Samantha were up at the barn, so I loaded all Kela's stuff up in Kevin's truck and took it up to the barn to load it into the trailer. After we loaded it all up (thanks to my mom, Kela had everything she needed for Camp. Thank you Mommy!!! AND Thanks to my mil, she had some spending money for camp too!! Thanks Linda!!) we started to load Babe up and she was bulking at it. I think it was because so many of us were up there. It was obviously making her nervous. Finally it took Daddy, Kevin, and I (possibly Mommy was pushing on her too) to get her on. I picked up her leg and stuck it into the trailer and she finally decided she'd go :) We had even tried grain to no avail :)She hates the loud noise the trailer makes when her hoof hits it! Anyway, we finally got her on...

When we got to Camp and figured out all the stuff we needed to do, Kela could not believe she had to take three wheel barrels full of sawdust to Babe's stall ALL BY HERSELF when her Dad and Mom was there!

LOL! I am gloating, sorry. heh heh

I just thought it was funny. ;)

Anyway, during orientation they had to lead their horses out and introduce themselves and their horses, and I was happy that Kela did great, and had no problems leading Babe :) :) :)

Camp, I think, is going to help her build some confidence and enjoy Babe more!!! :-D

We left Camp and came home, threw our church clothes on our stinky filthy selves, and went to church (well, Kevin went to bed). And then I took her back afterward. I had to drive away while watching her trying to mingle with kids who were obviously not open to new faces :(

That was the part she was most worried about. Well, that and the show. LOL

Mommy told her, "Just remember Kela, the bible says you have to be a friend to make friends." Isn't that just like Mommy? (if you know her, you know it is. And that is found in Proverbs, btw) :)

Anyhow. I had to call people and talk all the way home to keep from crying. :-p

I am sure she'll be fine. She will love it!! She is so friendly and outgoing that I have no doubts she will make friends. I just hope she behaves herself :) I am not sure I am cut out for having her gone someplace where there are no definite friends or relatives though. I think that is what makes me sad.

But I will live. Because I remember how much fun and how much learning I got at camp, and I know she will too :)


  1. Horse fun! I hope she makes lots of friends and memories!

  2. My husband attended horse camp at about the same age and loved it (you might recall that he isn't exactly outgoing...). Your Kela is such a sweetie that I know she will make friends and do just fine.

  3. (((Lawanda)))

    I know what you mean. I vascilate between tears and wanting to punch out the mean kids when I see that sort of thing.

    And I'm feeling just a wee bit convicted about having to be a friend and make friends...Does this mean I can't be my misanthropic self? Oh, no! :)

  4. *sniff* Mine are going to camp in about a week and it's so hard to let 'em go!!!!

  5. Your girl will have a great time! The best memories come from summer camp!