Saturday, June 06, 2009

Just fun

Kevin took me to Charleston for our anniversary last night :) We hung out at the hotel, which was a very nice one, and swam in the pool, and sat in the hot tub and sauna. We also watched movies and ate popcorn :)

Then this morning after breakfast we walked around the Charleston Mall and then went to visit my friend Anne. Whereupon I became insanely jealous of her pregnant state and Kevin declared all visits with Anne off limits until such time as her baby is not a baby any longer.


I told him it won't matter because there is a girl down at church who is due at the same time as Anne.


Poor guy, he just can't win.

I told him maybe if he lets me have another baby now, then by the time we have our 20th anniversary we can go to Hawaii and leave the four year old with Kela who will then be 18! LOL

Good plan, eh?

He did not think so ;)

I am gonna wear him down. Just you wait and see ;) hahahahaha

Either that or he will wear me down, which will be fine too. I am happy (and feel very blessed) with my 4 girls most of the time. Except when that baby-yearning over takes me ;) It is not like I can help it!!!! :-p


  1. It is hard to think about how very quickly a 13 year old can turn 18! I feel like I need to put a brick on Manga Dork's head to stop her from growing!

    I love staying in Charleston...we have stayed at the Marriott and the Embassy Suites...where did you all stay? Love the Charleston Mall!

  2. Maybe you should babysit everybodys babies and then you can have them and love on them and then give them back. ;)

  3. Very funny. You never know God's plans. They always supercede our best-laid plans.

    Happy anniversary! Your celebration sound like a lot of fun.