Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I sing because I'm happy :)

I have been singing that song in my head all morning :)

For no particular reason, I am feeling hopeful and happy :)

We went to 4H last night. I had no idea there was a meeting. They called us at 3pm (while I was asleep with Raechel haha) and told us there was indeed a meeting and that Kela and Cassie both needed to do their project demonstrations! ACK! haha

So Cassie got her sewing kit ready and started writing down what everything was for so she wouldn't get stuck... and Kevin printed out a couple pics for Kela after she ran up to the barn and took them, of herself and Babe :) and she wrote stuff on the back of the pics so she could remember easily what to say :)

They both did FABULOUS!

They both were soooo nervous!! haha

They have their mother's (and father's) fear of speaking in public!!

Have I ever mentioned that I took speech when I went back to college right before I got pregnant with Raechel? Yeah. It was not pretty, but I DID get an A! haha

Anyhow, the girls did great, and were pleased with themselves afterward, even though when they described the experience the words "red face" and "shaking!" were echoed over and over :)

So they also had pizza. And I did NOT partake. Because I am going to WW to weigh in today. I am. Because I know I have gained weight from when we were on vaca, but I have really TRIED hard this week. Until we bought the ice cream, that is. BUT I really really did track it and just used all my extra points... so I should be good. Right? (I am not worried or anything....)

I will let ya know my fate. haha


  1. I hate public speaking too! Somehow I squeezed out of not having to take speech in college, not sure how that happened.

  2. I like public speaking...I am a weirdo...good luck at WW!

  3. Hmmm, I would rather speak in public that do algebra, but not by much.

    You are such a WW warrior! I bet you will do great.

  4. Don't you know if you eat pizza with vegetables on it(which is what red sauce is), it totally negates the fact that you are even eating pizza? Thought you might like to know this.

  5. I love that song.

    Congratulations to your girls!