Friday, June 05, 2009

Happy day!

I have been married to Kevin for 16 years today.

So 16 years ago right now, I was trying to BREATHE! haha We got married at 11 am :) It was a great wedding, in spite of a few... well I have told you all about it before... haha

It has been a great life too.

I remember how much in love I was with Kevin when we first met and got married 9 months later.

It is funny, because in a way, I am more in love with him now than I was back then, only it is different.

It is better!

I am wiser. He is wiser. We have grown up together, and it has been fun :) Well, it has not always been fun. But it has been good.

Our love has been through a lot. And I think that is why it is better now. It may not look as "lovey" - we don't cuddle or hold hands or wrap our arms around each other wherever or whenever and all the time like we used to - but it all means so much more now! Our actions I mean. We know each other so well that our words and actions are comfier than all those hand-holding sessions ;) Not that we don't hold hands still. :) Cuz we do :) But you know what I mean :)

Not that I am anymore of a grown up, either. I still write



Everywhere. All the time. LOL

And sometimes I even write



Just because I can ;)


  1. Happiest of anniversaries to you!

  2. Oh, happy anniversary!! I am just ecstatic for you both.

    Isn't it wonderful that it gets better as time goes by? It isn't always pretty, but it's worth it.

    I think you should wear polka dots for the occasion. ;)

  3. Congratulations! How wonderful for both of you!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Those crazy happenings on your wedding will always make lasting memories.