Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hangin' in there ;)

We are just hangin' in there today... Trying to finish school, without going crazy.

I am trying something new with regards to our meals. I don't know if I mentioned it before, or you might have noticed all on your own, but I am trying to cook at least one vegetarian supper a week.

I think we (meaning Kevin and the girls) eat too much meat!! It's not that I think meat is bad. I don't think meat is bad, not at all. You need meat for protein in order to have good health.

But too much meat is like too much of anything - not good!

Everything in moderation! :)

So anyhow, I think meat twice a day, or even three times a day, like Kevin can sometimes eat, is just not good. I don't usually eat that much meat. But Kevin always adds meat to salads even. (Bacon bits)

So I am trying to make our suppers reflect my new "less meat" aim :)

I am hoping it will help improve Kevin's health, possibly keep the girls' long term health in the good range, and...well, hopefully it will help with my weight thing as well ;)

Oh that reminds me, I lost weight yesterday! *beaming* I tried REALLY hard, so I was happy to see a negative ;)


  1. Yeah for the weight loss! I think that's a great plan, let us know any great vegan recipes that are tried and true. :)

  2. Oh, god job on the weight! You work so hard, so I'm glad it's paying off.

    One thing we like a lot is black bean tacos or taco salad. I make black beans from scratch, but you can use canned. Season them with the taco seasoning packet, and use them like you would beef or whatever. It's awesome.

  3. Congrats on the weight loss. Manga Dork and I are off to TOPS tomorrow evening!

  4. Yah!!!

    We try to incorporate vegetarian meals into our menu too. I have a super easy recipe for black bean soup that even my husband and father like. If you'd like it let me know and I'll send it to you. I serve it with tortilla chips.

  5. Yea! Good for you!

    I've lost five pounds in the past couple of weeks myself.