Monday, June 15, 2009


Kela was making a double batch of jiffy cornbread and she asked me,

"How do I do two-thirds? We don't have a two-thirds measuring cup."

So I asked if there was a third measuring cup and she answered in the positive, and Cassie goes,

"DUH! Use two of them!"

And Kela goes,

"Ooooohhhhhhh. Yeah. I guess that was another blonde moment!"

And just now, Kevin was trying to get a splinter out of Raechel's hand and she was holding the magnifying glass over it, and she goes,

"Whoooooahhhh! Big Huge Mungus hand!"


I love that Kela has "blonde moments" even though she is a brunette. I used to say the same thing. :)

And I love Raechel's expression, "Big Huge Mungus!" (always with an exclamation point, cuz, yeah, pretty much everything Raechel says is with exclamation points :-D)

I love having kids!!


  1. Every brunette has their blond moment. :)

  2. We them ADHD moments around here. ;)

  3. Huge mungus! I'm gonna use that. :)