Thursday, May 21, 2009

Weight Loss!

I am still looking for a particular picture for my post for MG's question :) So please bear with me!!

This one was from Stacie J:

what's your biggest (easiest) WW tip?

I would say, "Go to Weight watchers Meetings!"

And I realize that it doesn't work for some people. But I think it doesn't work only because they are not ready.

You have to be READY and WILLING to make the change, before it will work. There has to be that one last straw, you know what I mean? The straw that breaks that camel's back.

For me it was seeing this awful picture of me at a wedding last February.

Oh dear, do I remember how I felt when I saw ME. And I was SO FAT. And every time I got on the scale it was SO CLOSE to 200!! EEEEK!

That did it.

And it was basically the same story the last time I did Weight Watchers.

Saw a HORRIBLE pic of how fat I was. Saw that scale creeping ever closer to 200.


Went to Weight watchers immediately and paid the price. Because honestly, if I am not worth it, what is?

And then I follow the guidelines. I eat healthier. I move more. I drink more water.

But I cannot do it without meetings.

And sometimes I falter.

Like now for instance.

I have been maintaining, but I think I am gaining. I haven't tracked in a long time. But I am planning on getting back on that wagon, because I happen to like wearing my skinny pants!! :)

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  1. You are so awesome! And you're right - it has to come down to the last straw to be able to do what it takes to turn things around. :)