Saturday, May 02, 2009

My sons-in-law better go to church. ;)

stacie j said...

hey, congrats...

question: what do you want for your girls husbands?

This is an interesting question. It is one I have been thinking about since Kela has already had a boyfriend!!!! EEEEEK! haha

Luckily she seems to be tending toward my fickleness, and it didn't last long! LOL

Anyhow, I guess what I want in my daughters' husbands is just what I want from my own! A loving man who will treat his wife with respect and realize he has to lead her toward heaven!


The most practical thing I can say is I want them to go to church with the girls. Because I don't want the girls to miss out on what going to church gives a person.

Going to church has got me through many a hardship in my life. And I would not be as good a person as I am (not saying I AM good, but I would be worse!) without all those Sundays and Wednesdays of meetings with the church to support my spirit :)


  1. The husband question is a tough one with so many girls. I bet you get comments like, "you better go buy a shotgun" and "you better start saving for weddings now." Don't you.

  2. Oh yeah :) Or we could start our own girls softball team soon....


    You'd never get any comments like that would ya?! haha

  3. We are a little heavy on the boys at around here, but I can really relate where our Lilly is concerned! Bringing up boys to be godly young men is definitely full of challenges. They are so much fun, though.