Friday, May 22, 2009

Just another day on the farm...

We swept the meadow today.

Daddy's brand new baler wasn't working right. Of course. Does a baler EVER work completely through a whole haying??

Definitive NO.

So ... he just had to adjust it some. :)

That is,

He had to adjust it some... after he went clear to Pennsboro to meet the people they bought it off of in Salem (which is a lot farther then Pennsboro)... in order to pick up the manual... because they had never given him the manual!

If you got that we can now move on. If not, just reread it until you do. haha Thx

Ok, so we had to rake all the hay into rows all over the field that the baler had missed.


Well we got that done about 2:00. I say "we" meaning the girls and I. Because Kevin went back out to help Daddy again, and he is still out there.

So then...

We are working on school and I have decided that teenagers are AWFUL.

Seriously awful.

I mean I will survive, and probably live to gloat over their distresses when they have their own teens; but HONESTLY, if I hear, "I hate algebra! What do you need Algebra for anyhow?" ONE MORE TIME! I may scream.

Oh. Did that already.

Ok, I may resort to violence!!! LOL

Just tell me, someone PLEASE that it is not like this always.

I just need to hear it from a sane adult. And if you don't mind, just tell me that I am ok, and this is not because I am the world's worst mother!!

:) Thanks. :)

SO that's our day in a nutshell. Me being the nut that is in the shell, haha....

Faith has been good, and she even said this morning:

Mommy, can you add the Goats to my chore chart?!

Gotta love kids.

(I have been trying to repeat that all day so I don't maim them. haha)


  1. I can't really say that it will get better because I'm coming toward pre adolescence head on. So far I'm really scared and your supposed to be the one reassuring me. :)

  2. So, I'm not sure how I never noticed this, but I'm just getting that you have a farm. Your girls are so lucky! And I think it's so cute that Faith wants to take on the goats :)

  3. You actually do use algebra when you grow up. For simple, everyday things. You just don't call it algebra. You call it everyday life.

    But I remember saying that EXACT SAME THING and now I feel dumb for saying that, because I use algebra. And I stay home with the kids. Imagine if I had a job outside the home. Actually, maybe I use it more because I stay home.

    I use algebra to calcuate fabric yardage, to determine how much our next water bill will be, I use it in cooking and baking. Yeah, I use it all the time.

    Pre-calc. That's another matter.

    So there.

    And I think the experience that your girls are getting baling hay, etc. is worth it's weight in gold. We are trying hard on our .18 acres to teach the girls with a small garden that food doesn't grow in grocery stores, etc.

    You're a good mom.

  4. You know, you are supposed to be encouraging those of us with younger kids about those teen years! :) I, for one, love algebra. Not sure why. I just love sitting down to an equation and figuring it out. Addition and subtraction, on the other hand, can be a bit of a problem for me... not sure what's up with that!