Monday, May 25, 2009

Flower bed pics


Now to just get the rest of the place looking better!! haha We are going to put gravel all around the flower bed whenever we get the mulah :)

If I had my way that pole and that playhouse would be MOVED and that culvert would be covered RIGHT AWAY! We are going to put fence all around the yard and along Mommy and Daddy's driveway. Goat fence at first and then later we hope to put up a prettier fence ;)


  1. That looks great! What did you put down in the bed? The white stuff, is that some kind of decorative rock?

  2. It is called "pea gravel" which the girls have REALLY gotten a kick out of ;)

    I think it is similar to river rock, just smaller.

    I LOVE it!!

  3. WOW, looks like you have been busy!! It looks really nice. Love the rock- looks pretty and helps control those pesky weeds.

  4. That is beautiful! Doesn't it feel good to spruce things up?

  5. Pretty. I really like the wall!