Thursday, April 16, 2009

The ties that bind

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Lynnette asked...

Do you like that you live so close to your family?

And I have to answer with all caps: YES I DO!!!


I really do love living right next door to my parents and siblings.

Maybe I am just a big baby, but I really do like knowing that when I need someone, my family is so close I just have to holler out my window! haha (This only works in the summer time for obvious reasons! lol)

You know the funny thing about our neighborhood: it is just like many others. We pretty much do our own thing, most of the time. My mom does have us down for lunch every Sunday, but other than that, we don't see a lot of each other!

Church is about the only time I get to talk to my mom or Randall. Leanna too when she is there :)

That is another thing, we all go to church down over the hill at the same congregation that we've gone to since before I was born!

I feel like I also live close to my church family for that reason :)

Now, the kids of the neighborhood - they are a totally different story then the adults. They not only are in my business, they are in my house most of the time! My brother's kids are down here a lot. Especially in the summertime! And so are the non-related kids in the 'hood!! haha

We just have a kid friendly house, I guess :)

Now then. Molly asked:

I know you get along great with your family, but living so close to them do you ever have a problem with that? What about Kevin?

I have never had a problem with my mom living so close, unless you count when she used to come in and clean up my house for me. haha I got over trying to make her stop it. I learned that you cannot stop an OCD person on a mission! roflol

Now Kevin... he does always talk about moving. He really would like a big farm somewhere out in the boonies where we have NO NEIGHBORS. But honestly, I think he would feel that way even if our neighbors were people other than my relatives. He gets along with them mostly :)

He wasn't ever fond of my mom cleaning our house either... but I explained to him over and over that I just couldn't stop her!! LOL She hasn't done that in a loooong time. But then, Kela, who acts just like her, tends to clean up stuff real good ;) hahahahahaha


  1. Both sets of our follks moved here from Colorado, and we love it - we are the only navy family we know that has extended family nearby.

    My mom even lived with us for 15 months while my dad was getting the house in CO sold. It was such a blessing to have her with us, and I still miss it. :)

  2. I was wondering how you all dealt with the closeness, but of coures your family gets along so much better than John's we have been thinking onand off for years about moving out to there property and putting a house up but we have a problem getting along across town let alone next door.......

  3. Happy (belated) blogoversary!! I love the pic of you & dh on the blog. You look fantastic!