Saturday, April 25, 2009

Politics and homeschool

Time to answer another question or two!

This is from Molly....

Molly!! Seriously!! Do I hafta?? haha

Molly asked:

How do you think Obama is doing so far?


I think he is doing as I expected he would.

And that is all I am going to say. :-p

Jean said...

Congrats on 4 years that is awesome!

My question is, do you have a particular curriculum that you swear by or do you kind of make things up as you go along? Got any good resource stuff for Pre K? Oops that was 2 questions.

YAY for two questions!!! :D

As far as a particular curriculum I would swear by: no, I don't. I pick and choose. But I will just say that I love love love Rod and Staff for English for grades 1 through 8 :) And their math is nice too, for grades 3 or so til 6th :)

Before about 3rd grade, I use these workbooks I got from Sam's Club for $8 called Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills. I adore these books. Not only are they cheap, they are pretty thorough!

They have a great pre-K book, and it makes my little kid feel like she is doing her "school" just like the big kids :)


I really appreciate the questions guys :)

Birdie, I emailed you did you ever get it?


  1. I LOVE Rod and Staff stuff for the early grades, too! Great stuff. I really like LLATL for the older kiddies, though.

  2. I used those Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills for Bridey before and after she started school. I love them too.
    And just what kind of an answer was that for my question...geewhiz!! I was interested in knowing what ya thought. :P lol

  3. Love your blog! and you!
    I tagged you because your blog makes me smile. Check out my blog for further instructions.

    Blessings, Sudie