Saturday, April 11, 2009

Party like its 1987


We had Cassie's 12th birthday slumber party last night :) She turned 12 on April 3rd, while we were in TX. While we were there, on her bday, Aunt Wanda got her a cake, and we sang Happy Birthday. And then on Sunday my mom had made her a cake and we sang Happy Birthday and she got their gifts from them, and then while Keith and Linda were here they gave her her gift and sang Happy Birthday to her. So she sorta, in a way, got 4 parties this year! LOL

We had the regular party last night at 6, and then the girls stayed the night. Several boys were here, too. One of Cassie's best friends from school was a boy named Bryan Stone. So he and his brother came to the party. And our neighbor boys came as well. Bryan's parents actually stayed til nearly midnight, anyhow! haha

The kids did EVERYTHING for this party. Even cleaned the house :) Well, Kevin grilled the hotdogs, and I bought the cakes, but otherwise, they planned and cleaned and hosted and everything :) They did a GREAT job. It was a Nancy Drew/Sleuth party. They had a scavenger hunt, and a mystery to solve, and then they had a pinata and some other games. The kids all seemed to have a blast :) I enjoyed watching them.

My mom and Aunt Linda pretty much spent their time on Facebook. hahaha They were looking through one of my cousin's old pics she had on her FB. They really enjoyed it. :)

So anyhow, a fun time was had by all. I think I am the only one hung over. Too much Dr Pepper and cake!!! (Shhhh don't tell my WW lady I drank Dr Pepper! LOL) ;)


  1. Lol, you are a brave woman! But I love how the kids took the initiative and cleaned and planned it. You're raising quite a passel of girlies, there.

    Happy birthday (again), Cassie!

  2. Awwww! Happy Birthday, Cassie!!