Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Oy vey! Just kill me now!

Along with Cow Tails, those wretchedly addictive sweeties brought into the house by my wonderfully kind mother in law...I have, alas, also been over-doing it on the Cadbury Eggs.


Just shoot me now!!

My next weigh in is going to be murder! haha

I can't wait til Easter time is over with and they are not selling these things anymore!! Ack!

If I knew how to control myself it would be a different thing, but obviously I haven't learned that art even through one year of Weight Watchers meetings!!! (Oh and the year of them previously as well!)

Someone just bump me off. Put me out of my misery! PLEASE!!! Tell Cadbury to STOP MAKING EGGS! Because obviously if there are Cadbury Eggs to buy I will buy them in dozens and EAT THEM ALL!




  1. I know how you feel 'cause Easter candy is my favorite! I love it all, the Peeps, the Cadbury Eggs and Mini Eggs and chocolate covered marshmallows! I've been buying way too much and then feel sick at myself, so I try to get Caleb to eat them for me. It's terrible. But, I figure, better him than me, 'cause he could use the fattening up. Although, not the best way to fatten a kid up. Anyway, maybe you could enlist your girls to eat all the candy up before you can get to it. I'm sure they'd be happy to help :)

  2. Eaglewood is addicted to Cadbury Cream Eggs.