Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lovely memories :)

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Molly asked...

What is your first childhood memory?

Awww! What a great question :)

I don't know which memories actually come first, but I remember a LOT from when we lived down on Winding Road.

We moved up to Winding Heights when I was 3 years old. :)

I will just tell you about this:

I remember watching Saturday morning cartoons (Tom and Jerry and The Flintstones, esp.) with my Dad! It is a lovely memory. He was laying on the couch (probably when his leg was broken) and I was sitting on his lap. And it was morning, and the sunlight coming into the room gave it a nice golden-orangish cast.

Do you know on While You Were Sleeping, when Sandra Bullock is doing the intro, and she says, "Only I don't remember it being this orange."~?

Well, that brought back this memory SO CLEARLY when I first watched that movie, and every time I think of it or watch it again, I am reminded of being a little 3 year old girl :)

Because I DO remember it being very orange! It was warm and sunny in the room, and the room was not very big, even to a little person like me. Our house on Winding was SMALL. :)

Anyhow, I love that part of it, the orange glow the sun gave to the room.

Saturday early morning sunshine; me and my dad, watching cartoons together. GREAT memory!! :D

Thanks Molly :)