Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Life, and the stuff it throws at you...

Renee asked:
So looking back over the last 9 years that we have "known" each other (wow really 9?? wow) what do you believe has been your greatest achievements of the obstacles you have overcome?

WOW!!! Nine years!!! :)

Well, this may get a little long... haha

I overcame a lot when I had my midlife crisis.

I like to say that I had a midlife crisis at the age of 29, and laugh it off. But that time in my life was ANYTHING but funny.

Let us just say that I did some things I was ashamed of, and of course had to pay the consequences.

I think my greatest achievement was "getting back to myself"...

I felt so lost for about 2 years. I put my kids in school, I went back to college, I got several jobs....

I finally got back to being me, and was able to stand up and say "I want to be ME!" without too much pain involved.

I was also able to face my grandma's illness without thinking of myself too much. I can only be grateful that I came back before she got sick.

Of all the things you thought was the worse thing that happened in the moment -what kind of long term blessings did that situation actually bring?

I would say that would be my grandma's passing. Not saying I was blessed by her passing exactly, but it did make me fully realize what kind of person she was and how her influence had shaped my life in such a good way.

That crisis I had? I told you I came back to being me? I could never have done that if I didn't have my grandma's love, which actually sorta trickled down through my mom and my aunt Linda too.

Family is the key to a long and (mostly) happy life. :)

When you are down, you cannot pick yourself up without the help of people who care what happens to you. ♥

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  1. Such a good post. Those times that you struggle to live through, they teach you a lot, don't they. And, if nothing else, you are so glad not to be there any more that you can't stop praising Jesus for His mercy. It's such a blessing to crawl back out of the lion's mouth.

    I agree about family. Family support is so huge.