Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Home/school - where the HEART is :)

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Carrie asked:

What has been the biggest blessing about homeschooling?

By far the biggest blessing of homeschooling to me, is that my kids are HOME! See, I have the experience of both worlds. My older girls all three were in the public school until two years ago. Having my kids in school DEPRESSED me.

When my kids were in school, it seemed like all I ever got done was RUNNING and HOMEWORK. Seriously.

I am a low key kinda gal. I really like to be at home. I hate shopping. I hate running around. (Now this does not apply if I have a real reason to be running around shopping, like when I need to buy something important to me. Which I cannot even think of an example, as there are so very few times I must buy anything other than groceries.) So even having to run to and from the school EVERY DAY was a bit too much for me! (I know, I am laziness personified....) But seriously they had function after function that you were expected to attend as well. It really became time consuming! Plus the girls had to be in bed early because they had to leave the house before 8am, so our time to do things together was next to nothing.

Kevin didn't get to see them very often at all, really.

So, also while they were in school, there was also all this HOMEWORK. And I am not just referring to the girls' school work, which had to be brought home from school, even though they had just spent the entire day there doing said work. Even though that did take up quite a bit of our time together of the evenings.... I am also talking about all the papers that seemed to be required for ME to sign, fill out, look at... OH MY!

I am not kidding you, these girls would each bring home about a dozen papers every night for me to sign and/or look over. Some of them were homework papers. And to be honest I did not think it was fair for me to have to be doing the school work with my kids when their teachers were supposed to be using THEIR TIME with MY KIDS to do it! (Jealous bone, anyone? haha)

But many of these piles of papers were concerning other stuff. Like having the kids to sell things. Or having the kids to come to this fund raiser. Or having the kids to drum up participants in this whatchamajigger to raise funds for this thingamajig.....

You get my picture.

They wanted the kids to raise money for their school! (for their school? really? whatever.) The one that the kids' parents paid taxes on already. Disgusting, no?

Well I think it is sad, at the very least. I do not care to have my children trained to be salespeople. Not that being a salesperson is a bad thing, necessarily. But the EFFORT that I was supposed to put out was TOTALLY not worth it for me.

I felt run ragg-ed, like I said.

And it was a huge relief for me to take my kids apart from that world, and keep them home and teach them stuff here. It is still a relief!! I don't feel so HOUNDED!! We get to spend lots of time together. We get to enjoy our home! I get to be a MOM, as opposed to a puppet of the school system!! :)

We really enjoy our school. Well most days. There are days I want to chuck everything out the door, including the children, and run off to Hawaii with nary a backwards glance.


But I wouldn't do that.

At least.... I don't think I would!!! :-p

What has been the biggest challenge about homeschooling?

By FAR the biggest challenge for me is to stay interested and keep the kids interested in the doing of the actual schoolwork. Focus is NOT my strong point.

I hope I am not the only teacher who feels this way, but there are days when I just feel like THE WORST TEACHER/PARENT EVER!!!!!!

And I know there are days when I really am, too.

But I sincerely HOPE (and really think) that the good days...when I am at least a fair-to-middling teacher outnumber those rough days!!


I loved these questions. I do like to talk about homeschooling, but I don't know what people want to hear, so questions ROCK :) Thanks Carrie!!


  1. A bad day HSing is still better than a great day in the state system.

    I say ditto to the whole post. Very well put!

  2. I say ditto too! A puppet to the school system is exactly what it is. I do hate the paperwork and endless homework that I don't feel I should correct. I never ever have the kids sell stuff and never will. Good post! Can't wait to hear more.

  3. I don't let Manga Dork participate in fundraisers...I figure they get enough of Dr. Hubby's paycheck in taxes! I miss homeschool sometimes...

  4. I reserve a couple of free-floating days a year in which I will allow myself to get so frustrated that I literally toss aside the school books and take the children all out to do something fun instead. Maybe I shouldn't admit to that, though... ;)

  5. Sometimes I think about homeschooling, but then I also think there is no way I could have the patience to try to teach Briey anything, we have a heck of a time doing homework together because she never thinks I know what I'm talking about!
    I don't mind the school system to much, we don't put up with much from her teachers or principal, they know who aunt is so they don't mess to much with us!lol But then there are days I'd love to send her to your house to go to school! lol especailly on days like the one last year when the bank over here was robbed and the robber ran up by the schools and they had to be put on lockdown...that scared me!! But most of the time I'm okay with it. John deals with the school a little more than I do especailly now that he works for the school board. But I usually don't have her do the selling either, I hate that, she did do a little selling htis year though, they are trying to raise momey for the 5th grade end of year trip so we did participte in that just enough to get they money Bridey needed to earn.

  6. Thanks for answering - and I'm sure all of us have days when we feel like we're the worst parent/teacher ever. Right now we're at the end of our spring break, and I'm wishing summer break started on Monday! But we'll get through the last couple months, and then have a longer break - which I will need desperately by then!