Tuesday, April 07, 2009

American Idol

I leave for a couple of episodes and Anoop suddenly becomes the rude backtalker?!! Eeek!

So I haven't even seen AI for two weeks! Can you believe it? I am happy to see that they seem to be singing better.

Danny was awesome, I like that version of Stand by me. I still think he should be Danny "geeky" though. His geekiness is ok, but he seems to be like a jock-geek. Does that make sense? Like he has the cockiness of a jock in a geek's body! lol Oh I dunno. I just don't care for him much and would be happy for him if he'd come in second. :)

Kris sang a great song for entertainment, but the judges were right, it wasn't a song that showed off his range at all.

Lil of course was awesome. But Kevin noticed her low range being off right away. I hope she does better next week. I hope she stays!

Anoop, why did have to cross over to the backtalkers? I hate it when they back talk. Oh well he sang pretty :) I still like him, and hope he stays next week.

Scott, maybe it is time for him to go. I like him, but I do wish he'd wear shades... And this was pitchy... He is SO TALENTED, though he does NOT have a punk side!! haha I don't want him to go though. Ok, I am so off and on with Scott.....

Allison is too young to sing that song. Turn down the bed? Lay down with me and hold me close? ugh. Not in a 16 year old thanks. She should be next to go home. The judges are blinded by the hair. No Kara, it was atrocious. Sorry.

Matt is ok. Just ok. He is an ok singer, ok performer... I like that song, but he just did it "ok"...He did better than almost everyone else tonight, though.

Adam...what can one say about Adam. He reminds me of my cousin Nathan. (Except Nathan doesn't act as gay...) Always the performer. As a singer, eh. He should definitely be on Broadway, but, I don't think he could sell many CDs. too much into his own thing, and it is not the normal thing, imo. That is just my opinion. Obvioulsy not Simon's. :-p

I don't even want to vote. The whole show was almost a waste. the only one I truly enjoyed was Kris....

whatcha think?



I don't think I have ever cried when a contestant was voted off AI before. Not to mention BAWL MY STINKING EYES OUT!!!!!

I really think it was Scotty's time to go, but I didn't want him to!! Boohoooo!


  1. I really don't know how this happened, because I've never been *into* AI, but I'm starting to have favs! I do love Adam. He is so weird and different. But you have a good point about him being on Broadway or doing something other than making a CD. I feel the same way about Scott... he is so talented, but he's awkward too. And this time around he hit some notes that made me cringe. I actually really like Allison too, I think she's really talented. I never pay attention to the words of a song (really bad habit when you have a 4 year old around), but I think you're right about that kind of thing being a bit inappropriate for a 16 year old. I missed some of the others like Lil, but I'm thinking I'll go out of my way to watch them all next week.

  2. I am firmly in Danny's corner. :)