Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol again :)

Lil Rounds baby :) I'm every woman! Dang Lil looks good! I REALLY wish I could like Lil's performances better. :(

and I click over to Biggest Loser and Kristin is crying AGAIN. haha Sorry. I know how she feels at times. and she looks awesome and she DESERVES IT! :)

Kris Allen baby!!! ;) I am hoping he does EXCELLENT. Cuz I love him :) She works hard for the money!! haha DISlike the 'stache. Well, I like this! But I think it is just cuz I like him... but it is sorta Jason-ish :) And that's good! LOVE the ending!!! YES KARA! Paula is an idiot, but that was hysterical!! Simon is so right ;) HUSH it Paula!!! ;) YES SIMON! YES RANDY! I am voting for Kris ta-night! :)

Biggest Loser! GOOO MIKE!!! :D

Earth wind and fire! Go Danny! :) Wooo! :) -- Eh. He still does not thrill me. So unorigial... the cameras are nuts tonight! So I hope the judges see how superior Kris was to that... Randy. PULEASE. Hush Kara, you said exactly what Randy did. Hush. Ok, so you are right about his pitch... but BORING. Paula is just weird. Weirdo!! Simon, NOOO. Ok, THANK YOU. Yeah, we'll definitely see him in the finals, but I am still holding out a hope for Kris!

Allison. Yuck. Ok, well I love the outfit, but her voice irritates me. I think its because she sounds like a 40 year old woman who has smoked her whole life... And ENOUGH already with the lyrics not befitting a teen. HOTSTUFF??? Ugh Judges like her for SOME reason. Blech.

Biggest Loser - oh scary challenge! :) Bah. Commercials.

Adam. He looks good... If I can't have You... I am not sure I am EVER ready for Adam!! Eeek! Ohhh slowwwwww.... Wow! Would ya listen to that! He CAN sing without screeching! Freaky ring, though. Still. My favorite Adam performance. A little screeching right there in the middle. I guess he cannot help it... but still not so bad... I do like how he always ends on those purty falsettos. If he could keep it sweet, and lose the creepy factor, I might not begrudge him the win he is sure to get. *sigh*

Stayin' Alive! LOVE this song! Matt's doing good :) LOVED it :) Matt did it the way I like it, and he rose in my esteem tonight. so maybe the save last week wasn't a bad thing. Maybe Allison will leave and then Lil and then my top five will work out for me :) I cannot believe I just said I agree with Paula. haha And not Simon. :)

Biggest Loser, Bob is so negative :( But so right :)

Anoop... PEOPLE what is UP with the half - 'staches tonight?!?! Dim all the lights though, sweet song :) I still like Anoop :) He just has such a purty voice! I cannot help it :) Although that ending was PITCHY. Unusual for him. I like Kara's earrings. :) I liked the pink shirt too :)


I say BUH BYE to Allison and Lil.

I hope Kris makes it to the Finals with Adam!!! And I hope Anoop is third, but ya know? I would be ok with Matt being in third and Anoop or Danny 4th.


  1. Way to live blog AI. :) You are hilarious!

    I still like Danny, and Matt is growing on me. I agree, Anoop was in rare form.

    And I begrudgingly admit it...Kris did incredibly well. Still loathe that song, tho.

  2. Love the live bloggin'...Manga Dork was so upset over Anoop's departure.

  3. It is sad how similar our TV viewing seems to be...

  4. poor Anoop; but at least he is really likable... there's a lot of other things he can well I'm sure