Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Should I be ashamed to show you this? haha

We NEVER buy this much junk food. Maybe a bag of chips or box of cookies here and there...But the kids were all like "we got to have this and this and this for our trip." haha And so I just bought it. The only thing on the table that we buy regularly is the fruit, bread, and poptarts! LOL

We are leaving for North Carolina on Thursday and then headed to Texas from there!! We are going to see my new nephew first. Have to have our priorities straight! haha Then we are headed to Aunt Wanda's after that.

We should be pulling into TX sometime on Saturday! :D

I am so excited!!! So are the kids. They should be all set to be spoiled cuz my Aunt Wanda is planning on it, big time! haha


  1. You do what ya gotta do to make the trip bearable. LOL Be safe and have fun- we will miss ya!!

  2. Mmm, looks yummy.

    Have a wonderful trip and come back safe. :)

  3. LOL, awesome! Roadtrips are so much fun, especially because of all the junk food you get to eat! I'll be praying that you have a safe trip.

    We eat WhiteWheat, too. Are you taking a break from school or are you going to school on the trip?

  4. Have a great trip!! Laughing at the junk food. I try not to buy it often either but sometimes it's fun to indulge!

  5. Yea! We are looking forward to meeting you all. :)

  6. There's nothing like road trip snacks!