Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sign language time again!

We start back to our sign language class tonight. :)

Hopefully I haven't forgotten too much of it. I haven't signed in a very long time.

I think all the girls are going to go ahead and join in the advance class with me and Samantha. Samantha, of course, has always been in the advanced class, ever since they started it! :) She is a very good signer :)

But my kids get tired of the abc signs, and the colors, and the animals, which seems to be all the further they get in the beginner class. So they are going to try it out, going to the advance class. Hopefully they enjoy it as much as I do! :)


  1. I always liked learning sign language...I did a social studies project on it in high school. Enjoy!

  2. Sounds like fun! My children are also studying sign language.

  3. Cool! My mom has known sign language since she was...well, for a long time. So when I was growing up every Sunday at church she'd teach us signs: sit down, be quiet, stand up, sing, pay attention. LOL.