Monday, March 23, 2009

Just so cute I had to share

My Aunt Wanda called to ask me what the girls favorite food is, because she is planning on fixing us all this great food. She always does. She can't help it. That is how she is, she has always been the utmost picture of a Lady. :) And she is the best hostess ever :)

Anyhow, she wanted to know what their favorite foods were.

So I asked them this evening at the supper table. Kela said shrimp, Cassie said steak, Faithy said Mac and Cheese (of course... everyone knows that's her fave! haha)

Guess what Raechel said?

She said "Pop tarts!"


I thought it was hilarious. But when we started all laughing at her, she said, "No! My favwit is this!" And with her pointer finger, she circled her plate of food. The same food that she didn't eat. Not at all. Not one bite.

Until a few minutes ago that is. I made her eat the green beans before she had a cookie (no bake) and she said, "These beans are yucky!"


Oh she kills me! LOL


  1. LOL, so cute! It keeps the heart young.

  2. LOL, sounds like you may have one that keeps you on your toes. LOL

  3. Sweet! Honor asks for pop-tarts for Christmas every year.

  4. I think pop tarts is an excellent answer, heheh