Tuesday, March 10, 2009


ok, so I never even watched AI last week. I couldn't even.

This week has luckily been better than the previous.

So here it is Johanna! :)

Lil Rounds - she is my FAVE! I love her!!!! She rocks it baby!! Loved her outfit too. I think if she doesn't make it far, the whole system is junk.

Scotty - He is pretty good. )

Danny - Eh. I know everyone likes him. And he is a great singer. I am just not his fan. Yet. Maybe later? :)

Michael - Nice guy, but you know whatevs.

Jasmine - She is not that interesting to me... not that great a singer imo.

Kris - I have to say I thought he rocked. I like him! And I like his wife!! Very pretty :)

Allison - cute, but I didn't like her song. She always sounds to me like she is about to lose her voice.

Anoop - WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!! Now that's what I'm talkin' about!!! I LOVED IT!!!! Shut up Paula!! It was AWESOME! Shut up Simon!! He did not look stupid!! CRAZY Judges! Randy, c'mon dude!!! Kara, nooooooooooooo! Do NOT listen to them!!! I am gonna vote for him, fo sho.

Jorge - ugh. never liked him. I agree with simon though, I think most of the arrangements this year have been awful...

Megan Joy - We have the same middle name! :) I love Rockin' Robin!! I think she is ADORABLE!! I hate how she shimmies though. Bit dorky. lol Good voice and loved that little high note before the end. The tattoo is a bit much but...We will be voting for her. Cute dress, if a bit immodest (normal)... I agree with Simon on one thing: the dancing. haha

Adam - Ohhhh heavens. Is he gay? I HATE his clothes. Not impressed with him, personally. He reminds me of someone though... who is it? someone else who screams on stage.... hmmmm.... I will think of it. Honestly he is a good performer. Just Iam not into his style. or his screaming.... Ok, Paula, you are an idiot. He wasn't that great. I agree with Randy though. He could prolly do a record. I don't doubt he'll make it further.

Matt - Oooh. Off key.... or off pitch whatever. And I don't like this song. and what they heck was that there in the middle?!?! O dear. Just blech.

Alexis - aka Pinky :) She is a good singer. I like her.

We will be voting for Lil, Scotty, Anoop, and Megan Joy :)

(I like to vote for the underdogs, which is why we won't vote for Danny, Adam, or Alexis.)

(But also you gotta vote for the best so that's why Lil will get our vote :))

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  1. Whew, it took me a while to get through watching the shows this week. But I finally finished watching last night, so now I can read your post! The day you put it up, I read up to, "So here it is Johanna!" and then had to stop reading and not come back to your blog until I was done watching! :)

    I agree with your synopsis...except I do like Danny. I think he is good and is a bit different from the rest. I think that America got it right this time voting off Jasmine and Jorge. I have never liked Jorge, and I think that Jasmine is just here ahead of her time. Give her a few more years and she will probably be great! I don't get Allison. I don't know why the judges like her so much. I just never have.

    Not sure about this "Judges Veto" thing. I think it is probably good given the people who have gone in the past who should have stayed, but is it really *American* idol at that point??