Thursday, February 05, 2009


Our 4-H group has an auction for its fundraiser. So we, as in me and my girls are making STUFF for it :) Kela and I are doing up some scrapbooks (remember those paper bag albums I mentioned making at my mil's?) and some crocheted things.

Here are Kela's crocheted things:

I am crocheting a ripple baby blanket. I will post pics as soon as I get it done. It is bigger than anything I have ever done before. It is made with a boxful of yarn from my Grandma Sams. So even though she is gone my grandma is still helping the 4-H... That makes me smile :)

My album:
front cover you saw the other day :)

And the pages:

It is very simple, as you can see. There is inking that you cannot see on the edges. I am hoping it will bring at least a little bit of mulah for the Club!

Cassie will be making cookies like these prolly:

They are molasses cookies. YUMMMMM!!!

Ok, I will try to get a pic of my ripple afghan before we take it. I am not liking it, because I made it WAAAAY too big. And that makes me upset. But I have tons of this yarn, and if it at least ends up being square, I won't fret too much about it. :)


  1. Those are beautiful! What a talented bunch you are. I hope they make the club a pile of moolah.

  2. wow, you all are so crafty! I love your album, it is really cute!

  3. What a wonderful collection of crafts and homemade stuff. You are so awesome. Good luck with the fund raiser.

  4. Cute and creative stuff! Way to go!

  5. That book is beautiful (it all is) but I want a tutorial! How do you make that???

    Molasses cookies are my favorite!

  6. Well aren't you all just clever little munchkins !

    I still have the blanket you crocheted for Kade in the car, and I use it to cover him up if it's cold. I think of you every time I see it :)

  7. Did Kela crochet those?? WOW!! Kudos Kela! You ROck! I love it that you are teaching your girls to crochet ~ It's such a fun pastime, and it also produces some awesome stuff. It can get out of hand , however, I was on youtube looking up some crochet thingy, and there is group of people called ~Crochet Taggers ~ I guess they run up to places like park benches or light posts and attach crocheted things to them with plastic zip-it's, and video tape it & post it on youtube. Isn't that funny??? So far, I haven't personally had so much time on my hands to crochet tag anything... but I DO have an ugliest crocheted thang that I was thinking of a creative way of getting rid .. it's either tag it or give it as a gift to one of my ( how cruel!!) I'll have to post a pic of it, and show you ~ it's pretty bad. Was meant to be a granny square hat, but... it has DEFINITELY taken on a whole other personna. It has earned its name well: Ugliest crocheted THANG. I will post a pic for you. ;-D
    ~ Red