Thursday, February 26, 2009

So about Twilight..

I know there are LOTS of twilight fans everywhere :)

I have read the first two books.

I think I was expecting a lot more out of the series, because I was disappointed.

Let me try to explain...

I love the Harry Potter series. I love Charles Dickens. I love Homer's The Odyssey. I love Little Women. I love Jane Austen.

Now all but the last set of books, they are NOT romances. And even Jane Austen had a lot of moral substance that I could relate to in it. They are more than just a "how he makes me feel" type of a romance.

So I guess what I am trying to say is that I didn't MIND the Twilight books. But I wouldn't recommend them for anything but light romance reading. And to me that is not usually the kind of books I recommend.

Now having said all that...

I do enjoy a light romance type of book every now and then, even if they are not my favorites! My unfortunate nickname for these type of books is Trashy Romance. I think this is a great trashy romance series! hahaha (That is not meant to be offensive at all...)

They were definitely romantic and sweet, and witty! Witty writing and some clever twists are always good! And these books (at least the first one) definitely have those. I laughed out loud, which is a definite tribute to Stephanie Meyers skills :)

I will be reading the last two (that's it right? only 4 altogether, right?) as soon as I can. :)

So see, I liked them! :)

I do not think they are appropriate for 13 year olds. In spite of that though, I will probably let Kela read it, since she has already read most of it at a friend's. I will definitely be lecturing her on how not to act like the heroine of Twilight!! haha



  1. That's all that matters is that you at least enjoyed it. Book 2 is the least fave to most.
    I agree, I can't understand how these books were classified as tween/teen just because their "teenagers".
    Still love 'em though. :)

  2. I have not read them...only reviews. However, if you enjoy romance, have you read anything by Karen Kingsbury? I've really enjoyed some of the things that I've read by her. Definitely wouldn't classify her as trashy...and it's not exactly light romance as she typically has discussion questions in the back of her books. Kind of inspires you to keep working at making your relationships really God-honoring. At least it does me...haven't read anything by her in a while though...too busy reading endless books about gardening--lol.

  3. Glad you finally gave in and read them...they are just fun books! I kinda liked them...haha!

  4. haven't read them yet, but Bridey keeps trying to get them out of the library at school and they are always gone before she can get to them. lol sounds like that might be a good thing though.

  5. Kelda spent her christmas/birthday money and purchased all 4 of the books and audiobooks. She is hooked and loves it. Carl took her for ther birthday to see the movie. I don't get all the hype, but she read and right now I am happy she found something to get into for reading other than stinking anime. Can't stand all the anime stuff I will take Twilight any

  6. I haven't cracked it open yet. I keep meaning to. ahh well. I haven't read the harry potter series either. I know, right? I think I'm the only one left on the planet...
    I loved all of the other authors you mentioned.
    I also love to talk books, maybe you picked that up about me. Enjoying your blog.