Friday, February 20, 2009

The letter of the day is: N

Jenn tagged me with a list of 10 things I love that start with the letter N!

She couldn't have given me an easy one like C - CHOCOLATE! Haha I would have at least had ONE! ;)

Anyhow... here goes:

1. Natural - I love being natural. Nothing fake about me. I do not wear makeup. I haven't colored my hair in forever (too much time and money involved.) and I am pretty into keeping my life as natural as possible. Recycling is natural, right?

2. 'Net - ok, not too natural, I guess, but I LOVE the interNET :) It is my daily dose of sanity and brain food. :)

3. New Testament - I go to a church that tries to copy the New Testament example of what Christ wanted for his church. I love the New Testament, and wouldn't have it any other way. I like the Old Testament too, I learn (and have learned) a good bit from it. :) I wouldn't understand the New Testament without the Old, but obviously if you believe in biblical Christianity, you know the New Testament is what it is all about. :)

4. Nonsense/No-nonsense. This is sorta complex. I love nonsense as in fantasy. I am a really no-nonsense type of person, though. I like things to be up front and honest. But as far as nonsense being fantasy, I love imagination!!! Not non-fiction. I enjoy fiction waaaaay more than non-fiction. The Bible is my favorite non-fiction.. Did I lose you? Or make you despise my utter silliness? Sorry!

5. Nieces & Nephews! I have three nieces :) I love em like they are my own kids :) I have a nephew too! And one on the way! I am so excited, I cannot believe I forgot to put my NEPHEWS! SORRY KAREN! haha

6. Night - I don't exactly love the night, but I am a night person! By ten pm, I have a second wind and cannot go to sleep, usually. If I can fall asleep before that I am good for sleep ;)

7. Names! Why didn't I think of this one first? I love names! And naming people. Especially my very own people ;)

8. Nation - our Nation is awesome. I love living here. I love being a NATIVE of my State, which is 1/50th of the Nation :) And Native American is part of my Nationality. I also love that! I love the National history of the USA too :)

9. Near or Neighbors - I love also living near my Mom and Dad and brother and sister :) Did you know the sign for "neighbor" is two-fold? The first part is "near" and the second part is "person" so "neighbor" is "near person" :) I love that!

10. Needed - I love being needed by my family. My girlies are so important to me, and I am so glad they need me to be their mama :)


Ok, I think I will tag Cindy with the letter P and Molly with the letter R!! :)


  1. I love the "net" too...maybe a little too much!

  2. Beautifully put. But you're way too nice. What if Molly had a plethora of 'Q' favorites? :D

  3. I didn't know that neighbor means that. And I agree that the net is brain food!

  4. Aahhh, the net. I'm way too in love with the net... :)