Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just nothing

I have not a lot to say... Same old same old around here. Well, Kela is up to Linda's right now. Paula had her facebook status as: "Paula is doing algebra. Thanks a lot Lawanda."


Cassie is going up next week, Faith the week after that.

They love their week at Linda's. It gets them away from home, and with enjoyable company :)

But anyway. The same old story around here. I am struggling with the girls to get them to finish their school work every day. They don't have a lot to do. We are only doing one subject at a time. And they know exactly how much they need to finish every day. If they need help all they have to do is ask, I am right beside them. But yet they get stuck on one lesson, usually the first lesson, for HOURS. THey are so easily distracted.

I cannot stay right on top of both (or all three when Kela is here) every second of the day. But if I don't they just sit there and don't do it.

It has been a pain.

Some days they whip right through. Like Kela, she went whooooooooosh right through last week, cuz she was so excited to go to Linda's and I told her if she didn't do her daily work without my naggin she was not going.

Cassie was way behind, so she was bogged down. So I am HOPING today's work (she is finally caught up, so not as much to do) will fly for her. ;)

Ok, enough complaining. Sorry!! It really isn't too bad. But it just makes me feel like a bad teacher, kwim?

***Oh yes, how about those AI results? I didn't get to watch the show, and I am glad to have missed what musta been painful with Tatiana, but I was hoping for Ann Marie instead of the blond with pink in her hair. I am just not fond of her... Oh well, I like the guys ok. Especially Oil Rig Sarver. Jason? is that his first name?


  1. I'm not sure what the deal is this week..just been blah.
    Well heres hoping for that the girls get their work done. :)

  2. I know your pain. We've sooooo been there. We often still go there. My youngest realized that if he wanted to have any play time, he'd work faster to avoid doing schoolwork at 10;00 at night. My oldest never could catch on. What works best for him is setting a timer for 30 minutes. If they have work to do after the 30 minutes is up, it's homework. School's out at 2:00 this way and anything after is a major bummer for him because he has to watch his brother run off and play.

    However, I'm a sucker for nice weather and we always pause to go play outside on any day the thermostat rises above 50. I'm sabotaging my efforts, but I can't stand to do otherwise.