Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm a survivor ;)

I ended up having 17 kids at my house yesterday. But not all at once ;)

I had the most at suppertime. I fed 14 kids, and 3 adults :)  We had spaghetti with white sauce or red sauce, chicken, meatloaf, corn, and potatoes. Sound yummy? haha I didn't eat any of it, but the kids cleaned it up! Mommy called it a hodge-podge, and a hodge-podge it was indeed. She said, "Ya gotta feed 'em what ya got!" haha She is right. She almost always is (although people don't like to admit it.)

Anyway,  I hate to admit this on national tv... oh wait, I forgot, I haven't gone syndicated yet ;) Haha I am kidding... trying to get you to skip over the admission I am about to make...

Ok, fine.

I am a little bummed.

About money.

Not normal for me at all. I don't care about money. We always have enough, no matter what, and you know, enough is as good as a feast. (Mommy has a similar anecdote... I wish I could remember hers. The hick version's always more colorful and fun, ya know....) but anyway...

We got our taxes done and I just had my hopes up for a larger refund than what we are getting. And it kinda bummed me out. Ya know?

Kevin said I should have gone in with a lower standard. :)

I even got a little teary eyed about it.

How shallow is that?

Well, I am not a worrier, so it WILL pass y'all. I just have to rethink my plans is all. My plans are always getting re-thunk anyhow, don't know what I am worrying about to begin with!

See I already feel better! This is why I like talking, for real. Just getting it out makes me feel better about my silliness.

I do want to say to my Texas friends (and you know who you are!) We may be coming down your way in March, if plans don't change TOO much!!! YAY!!!!! :D


  1. comGlad you survived! I always go in thinking we are going to have to pay...that way I am excited about anything we get back!

  2. Are you coming to Big D? How exciting no matter what part of Texas..though it would be really awesome if you were coming to my neck of the woods. :)
    We haven't started in on our taxes yet..I'm afraid this year were going to owe.

  3. I'm so glad that you survived and manged to feed the masses!

    We also filed our taxes (about a week ago) and are getting a smaller return than we thought that we would. On top of that, Eaglewood's main job is cutting overtime and his other job is cutting back on his hours. Things could get interesting around here!

    If you are, indeed, coming to Texas, I would love to finally meet you!

  4. I can not believe you had that many kids in your house. You are braver than I am. lol
    We got our taxes done a few weeks ago, which is why the construction on the house is underway. I alway worry myself into a depressed state over it. And most of the time we come out for the better. This year was the first time I didn't worry because I knew whatever we got we really didn't need and whatever it was was going straight into the house. And it work out really well, much better than normal, so I was happy.
    Hope you feel better about it soon and things work out they way you wanted them.....I know how the disapointment in it is though.