Friday, February 13, 2009


I love comments too!!

Thank you for stopping by, all you folks from Toni's blog!!


This is just a note:

I am insane, or I shall be tomorrow! (Not really, kids don't make me any more insane than I already am...)

Tomorrow there will be 12 kids at my house!


My aunt Linda is coming down to visit, and with her will be my cousin's kids: Patience age 9, and Lincoln age 6. I am watching my little boy, Riley age 3. I am also keeping my friend's kids, Derek age 13, Brooke age 10, and Courtney age 5. And then there will be the regulars, my nieces and my kids!

So to recap:

2 teenagers
one 11 year old
one 10 year old
3 nine year olds (or close enough, Samantha, my niece will be 9 next month)
one 6 year old
one 5 year old
2 four year olds
and last but not least - one 3 year old!

Its a party at my house yall! haha I will actually have 3 boys in my house! WOOT! ;)


  1. You are a brave girl...let us know how it goes!

  2. Woo Hoo! Let the fun begin!

    Oh, and no need to feel like a bad Momma!! That is a LIE from the evil one!! (He has been telling me the same lie this week.)

  3. Congrats on your commenter award!

    You have a beautiful family!

  4. Sounds like a house FULL of fun!

  5. I'm not sticking around here... 4-wheeler trails here I come!

  6. Good luck mama!!! *whew* I'm exhausted just thinking about it. I bet it'll be lots of fun though!

  7. Better you than me, sister! ;)

  8. I love kids... but...good luck, Lawanda...!!!!

  9. How'd the day go? Did you survive?