Monday, February 09, 2009


Cancer is just everywhere.

It is so sad and kinda scary, really.

There is a guy whose brother and sister go to church with us, he has cancer. His brother, the one who goes to church with us, he had a test for something else and now they think they saw a spot on his kidney. He has already battled and won against prostate cancer. Scary.

A girl who is only 4 years older than myself has just recently been diagnosed with brain cancer.


I ran into an old girlfriend of mine at the store the other day and we were chatting. Her mom had to have surgery on her brain several years ago. Cancer. Well she told me her mom has been doing good!

Then she called me today to tell me when she got home that evening (the evening when I saw her at the store) she found out her mom's cancer is back. And worse. Not looking good at all.

Is it not so sad and sooo scary.

It makes me wonder where it is all coming from.



  1. I know just what you mean. And it is so sad to live in such a fallen world.

  2. I hear ya! It is all around, and it is very scary. Never would have thought that so many people I know/people in my life would be affected! :-(

  3. Cancer is scary. I have lost several loved ones to it.

  4. I scary! Our neighbor was just diagnosed with breast cancer...I just know that her world probably feels like it just crashed down all around her.

  5. I know what you mean, my grandpa died of throat cancer, my biological mother had breast cancer, had both breast removed. my mom (grandmother) had breast cancer, they keep scaring me by finding spots on my mamagrams and I just found out the other day that the little old lady that I worked woth in the nursey at the daycare for 2 years has cancer and is having surgery on friday the 13th and her daughter doesn't think she is strong enough to survive it. Makes me so sad and mad and tearful....

  6. Yes, we do live in a fallen world and the evidence is all around us. I read an article once that said that sugar feeds cancer. I can't say for sure if this is true but it sure wouldn't surprise me. Abraham Cherrix defeated Hodgkin's disease, by the grace of God, through herbal remedies and eliminating sugar and things from his diet. I've also heard that cancer actually attacks parts of your body that aren't healthy to begin is like a restorative process that gets out of control. One might wonder if the sugar that significantly reduces that ability of our immune system to function inhibits cancer from doing repairs to our bodies. Sorry these thoughts are all kind of random...they're just some of my musings. There is a lot more to cancer than meets the eye...and there never will be a cure for cancer; it makes too much money for the powers that be. We have to look into the matter ourselves and ask God for wisdom.