Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Idol Season 8

May I just say that I hate change?

I hate change.

Thank you.

This year American Idol has decided to shake it up a little and do their "playoffs" a little differently. Instead of a top 24, from which two contestants (one boy and one girl) are voted off every week til there is a "Top 12" --- they have decided to: Have three weekly shows with 12 contestants each, take the top three from each of those consecutive shows (top boy, top girl, and the person with the next highest votes)... and make that the top 12.

I am a little confused as to how we will get the last "Top three" since I am POSITIVE Ryan said there will be three shows of Twelve each. And my mathematical skillz are tellin' me that equals only NINE. I musta missed something..... ANyone who can fill me in, feel free to do so! :)


Last night's contestants.

Was it me?

Or did the entire show pretty much STINK!?

The only people who even sang on key (and didn't hurt my ears!) were Ann Marie, Tatiana, and of course Danny!!

Having said that, I still liked Michael Sarver (Scarver?), and Brent Keith's performances.

My kids of course loved Stevie Wright, the girl who did Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" and while she was ADORABLE... she sang HORRIBLY! Awful song choice. Blech.

So what were your thoughts?


  1. Wow. I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about! lol I guess it would help a bunch if we watched network TV, huh?

  2. Hi ~ The other 3 to make up the top 12 will come from the "wild card" picks that I believe will come from the judges. I think it is rather confusing too! :) This is my first visit to your blog ~ very nice! :)

  3. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog!

    Like Thrifty Gal said, there's a wild card week this season and that's where the other 3 will come from. In past years when they've done that they've brought back people who didn't make it through all of Hollywood week...and I wonder if they'll bring back Danny's buddy Jamar?

    I haven't found a contestant I really want to vote for yet. Someone's going to have to wow me eventually, I guess!

  4. I don't like the way they are doing it either.