Wednesday, February 25, 2009

American Idol Season 8 second round


I am just not enjoying these at all.

Is it me or have we got like 2 out of twelve that are even worthy of being on that stage??? I hope next week is better.

And WHY did they change it to wednesday??? grrr


Mishovanna ROCKED. OLD?? What?!?! I loved it. Hers was the only performance I loved unequivocally. I also enjoyed Adam. He is very good. I have no doubt he will make it through. We voted for M, though :)


  1. I haven't watched it yet, and now I am not dying to get to it either! I really don't like this new system...sigh...

    You actually called it to vote? I've never voted. Probably because I never watch it live because I'm allergic to commercials. :)

  2. you mean you don't like Norman i LOVE norman and voted like a million times for him lol!

  3. I hesitate to confess that I have never actually watched AI. Nope, not even once. Weird, huh?

  4. I haven't been watching, but did watch some last night and they were awful! (but i shouldn't talk cause they are all *so much* better than me :) And then I feel embarrassed for them, so I have to keep switching back and forth. It's not very relaxing.

  5. You know, honestly I think he is a good singer, Christy! :)

    I do have to confess that between him and Tatianna, the crazy was getting to me. But that may be because I have to deal with actual real insanity (bi polar, my sister, not me) in real life, and it just gets to me... :-p

    Johanna, we usually try to vote for at least one person :)

    Birdie, that is not weird at all. People think I am weird because I like this show so much usually. Not this season though. At least not yet!

    Marie, I feel that way too. I ended up switching the channels a lot last night. Or muting it. Which is never good in a singing show! haha

  6. I just watched it...very unsatisfactory. Do you ever look at Vote For the Worst? They think Nick is the worst contestant. I have to admit, I'm tired of his shenanagins, but at least he is funny! I don't even know who I would pick from that group...

  7. I flipped alot last night too....had to keep checking in with lost. LOVE that show and since AI wasn't got great last night I mainly watched lost with a little AI thrown in.

  8. We are all disappointed in this season as well. Heck we missed last year due to Fox battling over who had the right to air in Bozeman, but when we heard David Cook and listened to him....ick how did he win??! We vote for our top 3 right now and after this next week we will only vote one a week. No one has really GRABBED me this year like when Carrie Underwood got it. And actually that year I had 3 tops it was very hard to choose some weeks between them. All I know is something best change and really I think part of it is that house band sucks!

  9. oh and Nick/Norman and Tatianna so glad to see them both gone...too much drama on one stage! BUT I have a feeling Nick is going to be one of the wild cards drawn.

  10. I so wanted Nick to get through! I wish he would have been able to do a straight bit for once to show how good he really was, but his Norman bit just had me rolling. I know there is no hope, but I'm still pulling for him in a wild card spot.

    But, yes, Tatianna was insane and had to go.