Tuesday, February 17, 2009

25 Randoms

I am working on my 25 random things about myself for facebook.

I am not clever enough to do this.

I will come back and update this periodically til I finish it. Hopefully it will just take me one day (today) to finish. But honestly, don't be surprised if I am still stuck on say... 16 of them by tomorrow.

I want them to be WITTY! This may take a long time, considering MY brain. And actually, I will take just "not boring" so...


1. I love babies. I want a bunch of them. Anyone who knows me already - is probably tired of hearing about how much I want more babies. I know Kevin is tired of hearing it. haha

2. I also love food. It's a problem. I am trying to love GOOD food more than BAD food right now. Sometimes I give in to temptation, and that only makes my life worse. Because then I only want the BAD food.

3. I adore having all girls. It's not that I don't want a boy. Not at all. But when people ask me if we are trying for a boy, it kinda bugs me a little. I love having all these little girlies running around! If I ever have a boy, I will be happy with a boy too.

4. I think Kevin keeps getting better looking every year! :) it is kinda not fair. I think I look worse every year. haha

5. I would love to go to Europe. And Australia.

6. I have been to every state in the continental US. And Canada and Mexico. I am so blessed that my parents were travelers! We used to go on long, long road trips to see relatives and friends across the country. I loved doing that. I still do!

7. I have never been on a plane. Planes scare me. Which might make #5 a tad bit difficult for me! haha But I am sure I will manage to overcome my fears if the chance to go to Europe or Australia presents itself!!

8. I am goofy. I like being goofy. I think kids like me because they sense (haha) a goofy person behind the grown up. (Sense, ya right. It may be just all too obvious!) I love Comedies because I like goofiness. I do not like idiocy, however. This may be why Will Ferrell films just rub me the wrong way most of the time.

9. I am also pretty serious. As a parent sometimes I am way too serious. I want my kids to have a good example as to how they should live, and I try really hard to be that for them.

10. I am pretty opinionated. But I do try not to be rude about it. If you are up for a debate, I am there. I like debates, as long as the personal attacks are not there. Personal attacks are rude. I dislike rudeness. Having an opinion and talking about it, is NOT rude. Telling someone they are wrong and can shut up because you don't want to hear their wrong opinions, now that is rude. This has happened to me many a time. I guess people who have opposing views from mine are just rude ;) I am kidding people!! haha I also think people who are debating with each other need to lighten up most of the time :) Including myself!!

11. People are often surprised by my opinions. I think this is because we tend to pigeonhole other people into neat little categories, and they just don't always fit into them. I tend to do it, but I try not to. When people say, "I can't believe she would do that." I try to say, "Why not? She is human, and we all do surprising things every day." I guess I try not to prejudge...

12. I love books. But I usually despise current "Best Sellers" and such because it seems to me like everyone wants to be a follower, so they grab those books. I tend to like old books. They have been around forever, and have been forgotten, and if I read them it is not because "everyone else is doing it." ;) If I hear of a best selling book that actually sounds interesting to me, then I will read it. Harry Potter is a good example. I adore Harry Potter books.

13. I guess I mostly like kid books. And kid movies. They seem more realistic (even the fantasy ones) because they are not ONLY about love and romance. Love and romance have their place, but honestly, life is more about work and getting along with other people than kissing and hugging them....and being "in love" with them...

14. Modesty is very important to me. I want to be modest. Sometimes it is difficult, though. Because quite frankly, I also want to be pretty. And sometimes there is a fine line, nearly invisible even, between what is modest and what is not.

15. My priorities look something like this: God (church), Family (Kevin and the girls), being frugal (living within our means, cuz I hate owing other people money), having fun (this means traveling and reading and computer time for me), friends (this is everything else! People are my world. haha)

16. Apparently I like to feel young. I love it when people tell me I don't look old enough to be a mom of 4. :) I also love getting compliments. I also love it when people merely acknowledge my existence with a "Hello"! I love giving attention as much as I like receiving attention. Actually now that I said that, I believe I like to give more than receive! haha

17. Kevin is perfect for me because he is level headed. He keeps things running smoothly. I like to think I make his life happier :)

18. If I am asking you about your business it is because I care. And most likely I am trying to make conversation to get to know you better :) Not because I want to tell the world all your problems....contrary to popular opinion that I like to gossip because I like to talk. (I do have to watch my tongue, but I think EVERYone does. Not just us talkers ;))

19. I enjoy life. I would call myself adventurous. I am really not afraid to try anything once. I think I feel this way because this world is not my home I am just passing through. ;)

20. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to sing. Church is so enjoyable for me because I love to sing. I am sure people think I sing loud, and sometimes I do. Because I love church songs and stuff. haha At home, I often break into song randomly. It is usually a church song or a country song. I also love to hear other people sing! This may be a good explanation as to why I love American Idol :)

21. I also dance a lot. At home. haha I hate that "dancing" to most people is what you do with a person of the opposite sex and then you go have sex... (Think Prom. 'nuff said.) or something on tv where the people are wearing next to nothing and moving so as to look sexy. I love dancing. It is so fun. Not that I would ever do it in front of anyone but my kids. Because to me dancing is partly an expression of my #8. ;)

22. I love good grammar. But I hate having to think about it too much when I am blogging, or on a social network site like Facebook, etc. So you won't see that I love good grammar ;)

23. I am a lousy teacher. But I try to make up for it by presenting my kids with good materials. haha

24. Two more... I love movies. One of my favorite pastimes is watching movies. :)

25. Getting sparse on the ideas here.... Ok, I am going to just say... I love the beach!!!

Nothing witty in sight, but now I am done.


  1. You know, we have a lot of the same 'random things' !

    And YES, puhleeeeaaassseee come to Australia :D

  2. Aren't girls the best!!! I love having five little girls. I am actually a wee bit scared of having a boy because...well...what do you do with them? I don't know. I mean, boys don't like tea parties. Plus, I've met a few rather rambunctions boys and they scare me. I like the relatively calm nature of girls.

    Hey, I live about 20 minutes from the beach; if you're ever in Florida you'd be welcome. Your girls would have plenty of girls to play with! Ha ha. Can you imagine! There'd be nine girls in the house! Wow.

    We just got out a map and colored all the states that one of us has at least stayed the night in and we managed to get all but 9 of them which were mainly in New England and then Montana, Idaho and North Dakota. That's awesome that you've been to all the continental states.

    So what is your favorite book or author. I like older books, too. I used to read John Grisham's novels because they were original "back then" but after a while it was the same story, different characters. Now I mainly read classics and children's books, screening what is okay for my girls to read. I also really enjoy any story about the Holocoust. Favorites are Jane Austen, Tolkien and any Christian Apologetics books.

    Wow, I'm chatty tonight.

  3. Ahhh, I misspelled Holocaust.

  4. Joanna! You wouldn't invite me if you knew how likely I am to take you up on that offer!!! hahaha

    My mom keeps wanting to take me to Hawaii. The only reason I haven't said yes is because Kevin would like to take me there himself someday! :)

    My parents have been to Hawaii and Alaska and Europe, as well as the continental US :)