Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What's normal anyway?

I refuse to admit that homeschooling has made my kids weird. Nope. I will maintain to my dying day that it was not the homeschooling, but the over abundance of Disney Channel and Nickelodeon in their lives that did it. (Not that we have those channels, but other people do!! And it has obviously had an unlucky (for me) reaction that has affected their brains. LOL)

Here's proof:

They like High School Musical so much they decided to dress up their young charges as characters in said movie and make them pretend to sing. This is Daphne and the little boy I have been babysitting as - Gabriella and Troy. That little Troy is a dead ringer, dontcha think? haha Raechel was supposed to be Sharpay, but little Sharpay's wardrobe did not suit her and she threw a fit in her room and refused to come out for pics. She is a character actor ;)

Then since they were in "dress up" mode, the girls decided to dress up as - each other. Yeah.

Here is Cassie as Kela:

And Faithy as Cassie:

Apparently Kela was the executive producer and therefore not found in any of the footage. ;) I think they nailed it as each other! hahaha


  1. What a hoot! You're right, the ones where they dress up as each other are the best.