Saturday, January 31, 2009

Well, I caved

to the peer pressure.

I got me a facebook.

I already have a My Space, which I love. But facebook is so difficult to understand what to do with it! (Whining! lol) I have managed though.

I really am enjoying seeing all the people I went to school with and haven't laid eyes on in years. It is cool to see what people are doing now, and their kids or whatever! :)

So anyhow, if you wanna, add me to your facebook and give me a holla ;) 

I am under Lawanda Vanfossen Kress


  1. I looked you up when I first got mine and you weren't there. I'll have to look you up again!

  2. Sigh... I fear I will forever be behind: I just can't seem to get into Facebook, Friendster, etc. But what a wonderful way to look up old friends. Sounds better than