Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We had a ...

Grandma Day!! :)

Actually a couple of Grandma Days :) Grandma Kress (my mil) came down one day last week and we got pics :) Then we went up to Zanesville and spent the day with her Saturday, while Kevin and his dad went to Columbus for a wood/craft show. She and I (and Kela, too) got some scrapping done!! YAY!

Here's the pics from when she came down here last week:

We worked on these cute paper bag albums. She is giving hers away for gifts! :) Here is a preview of the one I made while at her house:


  1. Cute book.Looks like the girls enjoyed being with G'ma.

  2. What nice pics of the girls and their grandma. So cool that you got to spend the weekend doing fun stuff and scrapping. :)

  3. Great pics - love that she took pics with all her grandkids, including Sweetie. LOL. Say hi to her next time you talk with her!

  4. When you mentioned paper bag albums, that is not at all what I had pictured. How do you DO that?