Friday, January 23, 2009

Promised (dreaded!!) Pictures

Ok, so a couple of editor's notes to yesterday's post about my wedding. I told Mommy what I said and what Molly wrote ;) (Sorry Molly, it was too cute not to! haha) And Mommy said, "So what is wrong with having polkadots. They were different. Different is good." I have to say I agree with her ;) I just wish they'd done something a little less brightly (?) different for the bridesmaid dresses ;) haha

And I said we'd already had 2 wedding showers. I forgot the 4-H shower! We had 3 wedding showers!! See we didn't need gifts at the wedding too ;) haha

Anyway, here are some pics for ya. Please no one else say anything about the bridesmaid dresses. Thank you.

Showin off the garter. SEXAY!! (uuhhh not! LOL)

Don't I look like the cat who got the mouse? haha I got my man. Poor Kevin. LOL Never knew what hit him...See his crooked tie?! I love it! :)

My cousin Dan, Kevin's best friend, was showing him how he felt about his marrying me... Lookit Randall! He has hair! (That would be my bro, on the far right.)

Kevin REALLY did not realize what kind of family of women he was getting into. This might have been his first indication ;) That is me and my Grandma Sams talking over the wedding...

I know my nostrils are at this really-wonky-not-attractive-angle here, but this was one of my favorite wedding pics of us. PLEASE for pity's sake ignore my hair.

My Grandma Sams made our wedding cake :) My mom made the two side cakes which said: June 5th, 1993 --- Kevin & Lawanda

Our rings. I had never even heard of a manicure back then. Never woulda guessed that would ya? ;) haha You can tell I had arthritis even back then, huh? :(

Please do not linger on this photo. I am begging here. If I see that anyone opened this one up, I may die. haha

My mom found my wedding dress in a shop for $105. It was mis-sized! It said size 16. It was a bit too large for me, but not that much. I wore a 10 at the time. *sigh* Yes I did. My mother in law put the long sleeves on it. It was originally sleeveless, but I have ugly arms and there was NO WAY I would do no sleeves. :)

So there ya go. The dreaded wedding pics ;)


  1. You was a LOVELY bride!! Be thankful for the memories- and the laughs now. LOL

  2. I tried to whiz right by the polka dots I really did, but it was so hard. :) They were different that's for sure. I really wanted red for my wedding as well but ours was blue. I just think red roses look so pretty against a white dress. All in all they were good pics! I enjoyed it.

  3. I can't believe you told your mom on me! lol She's going to beat me the next time she see me. :P
    I loved looking at those pics. You were a very pretty bride. And I liked your dess better than I liked mine. I believe I have some pictures of your wedding, cause ya know I go nowhere without my camera and never did! :)

  4. OH my goodness! What's with the polka dots! Love the photos!!! Please do share more.

  5. You were a gorgeous bride! (And still beautiful, too. :) ) And how awesome to be surrounded by those you love.

    Gonna be blinking for a while, though...those dots burned into my retinas. ;) Still, to have everything home made and by people who love you, that is awesome.

  6. You are beautiful!!!!!!! I won't say anything about....okay, I have to say....I laughed so hard at the look on the face of the lower right bridesmaid. She looks so upset to be wearing polka dots. I held it in well until I saw her expression.

    But I agree - different is GOOD! It sounds like a FUN wedding. Perfect!

  7. The polka's so hard to not comment about them! It looks like you were grinning ear to ear the whole wedding! What great memories you must have.

  8. All I could think about - besides you as a beautiful bride - was Minnie Mouse when I saw those polka dots. *lol* Sorry. And read is my favorite color!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. You were a lovely bride! Your pictures evoke such a sense of fun amongst people who look like a joy to be around. Congratulations!

  10. Well...I think you looked gorgeous, but honestly sweetie, BRIGHT RED WITH POLKA DOTS ?? What on earth were you thinking ?? ROFLMAO