Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our school

Even though we pretty much took off from Thanksgiving to.... this week, we are doing pretty good getting our school work finished :)

I had hoped to get the older girls finished with their English books (here and here) before xmas. That did not happen. However, we are seeing the light at the end of that tunnel now. They only have some worksheets and some tests to finish. We won't do English again until next school year. :) One thing about those R&S English books. They are written by Mennonites and BOY are they THOROUGH!!

They are also booking right along in their Algebra. I just ordered a second set for Cassie. She had been sharing with Kela, but it is really too much of a pain for both of them. We are using the Key to Algebra set this year. I am looking into getting them the Harold Jacobs Elementary Algebra and Geometry for the next couple of years. I have been reading up on them and they look like they'd be good for us. The humor would go over well with both of my girls. :) After that I will need to find some kind of Algebra 2 and Trig. (I love math! And they are both pretty good at it. Especially Cassie, who is only in 6th grade but understanding the KTA just as well as Kela. But then the KTA is pretty easy. I am loving it.) I think we'll probably do Algebra til the school year ends, even if we finish the KTA. Meaning I will go ahead and buy the next set for them to start and just see how far they get and just go from there next school year.

We have only done just a bit of our Chem book. But the bit that we've done has been enjoyable. We will try to get that book finished now before April or so. I am looking for some cheap biology books or I may just use the Rod and Staff that we borrow for science. Even though I think it is BORRRR-RING!!

We do history randomly for now. :) They read a lot. They like non-fiction books almost as much as they do fiction :)

Faithy finished her Third Grade workbook (from Sams Club) and has been working on her R&S English and Math books. She is doing pretty good too.

Raechel works on spelling her name and reading a bit. She also loves numbers. Faithy always loved numbers :)

So that is what we are doing for school. In case anyone was overly worried my girls weren't getting any edumacation ;)

(I linked sites to the books so anyone can see what the books I am talking about look like)


  1. Wow! It looks like you're doing a great job edumacating your girls!

  2. Sounds like their way ahead of the game to me!

  3. I'm glad the girls are doing so well. We took off the week DH arrived home and have just gotten started back full force this week. D worked on a book report last week, but back to full work now. We are still doing A Beka because it's easy for me, but I often wonder if there is something else out there we'd like better. I research some and then stick to what we know. That's both good and bad. ;)

  4. I LOVE Rod & Staff English!!!! This sounds like a fun year - and certainly nothing to be ashamed of! There's no sneezing at that line-up! Ethan is hitting pre-algebra and I'm not sure where to go from here. I"d love to hear your thoughts on alg & Pre-al. I need to email you anyway.

  5. Looks like you are doing great!

    I just love Rod & Staff stuff!

  6. We just started back at school today after being off since Andrew was born. (Our "summer" break.) We are easing in, but it went well! I just love homeschooling!! It sounds like you guys are doing great!

  7. I love that Rod and Staff can be used again and again! They remind me a lot of golden one-room schoolhouse days. :)

  8. Wow, you're working hard!! Sounds like a great experience for your family.