Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Year, New Hair ;)

In case you hadn't noticed: I get sick of my hair fairly easily.  I got it cut today, and Kela got hers cut as well :)

Here is mine:
(sorry bout the fuzzy pic. I made it B&W because the colors were rather unbecoming. hehe)

And here is Kela's:

And just because I like this pic, here is me and Kevin, taken by Faithy. (Even though I wish my arms weren't so big)  :-(
Cassie and Faithy decided they wanted bangs as well :)


  1. On one of your holiday posts I was thinking to myself how long your hair was getting again. hehe Your new do is just lovely! You and the girls look so pretty!

    That is a nice pic of you and Kevin. Faith took an awesome pic. She is growing up way to fast!

  2. Okay, apparently my daughter was on my computer yesterday as my post actually says her name Lawanda. Sorry about that.


  3. I LOVE the hair!!!!!!!!!! What a great cut! And flattering!

    I hate arm shots, too. Hate 'em. But I hate working out even worse! lol!

  4. Love the hair! You all look so good. Faith is getting so big - I don't think there is any baby left. :)

    I like the feathery ends on your new 'do. So chic!

  5. Ug! I meant Raechel, who is who I thought was in the last pic, until I re-read your post. Then I though, "Well, duh, of COURSE there is no baby left - she's NINE for crying out loud."

    This is me, blushing and crawling back under my rock...

  6. I love the haircut! It is very flattering on you. Great pictures!

  7. I didn't notice your arms, I just saw your thin waist !! TRUE

    ALl your haircuts look great :D