Thursday, January 22, 2009

My wedding

(pictures tomorrow, if I can convince Kevin to let me. teeheehee)

I have issues when thinking about my wedding. What I mean is, I cannot really think of my wedding without cringing. But only a little. And not because of anything major.... Let me explain...

I wanted to elope.

My mom offered us thousands of dollars to elope! And then she spent all of $700 on my wedding. Mommy rocks the frugality, I know! And it was a nice shindig. I enjoyed my wedding. The worst part was the PLANNING. UGH. If we'd have eloped, there would only have been planning where to go and then enjoying that there beach once we arrived. haha

I think planning a wedding can kill a person. You have two different families of thought, and they clash a lot. I felt like I was stuck in the middle. I know Kevin did too. But I just wanted to marry my dear boyfriend and live happily ever after, even if I didn't get to go to a beach to do it. ;)

I seriously would have been more than happy to elope with the cash. haha :)

But I didn't get to. I ended up having a great big wedding.

And bridesmaid dresses that were red with white polkadots.


I know.

I begged for it not to be so. But no one remembers that. Everyone wants to blame everyone else for the polkadots NOW. haha (The polkadots were all my aunt Linda and my mom's fault, btw...Do not let them tell you otherwise. haha)

It wasn't too bad in reality. The dresses were actually cute :)

Ok, who am I kidding, they were a disaster.

BUT they were the only part of the wedding that was. Ok, and... well... my hair was kind of a disaster too...but I won't forgive anyone who won't forget it ;) haha

The rest of it ROCKED. ;)

First of all: I got to marry Kevin. Who wore a red bow tie, by my request, btw. Which saved my life. Because, as it were, the bow tie was crooked throughout the whole ceremony and it totally took my mind off what I was saying. (Is that bad? Should I be admitting this via the world wide web? haha) Hey, I can't help it, I am not a person who is capable of rational thought in front of a crowd. LOL

Second of all: The singing was BEA-U-TI-FUL! We picked out all the cheesy wedding songs :) We had a soloist, Lisa Smith, who was a wonderful singer. She sang the Wedding March for me to come in and sang "We've only just begun" by the Carpenters for our recessional :) (toldja, cheesy!)

My favorite part of the wedding ceremony was when we had her sing "Whither thou goest I will go" It is a pretty little song about Ruth and Naomi, but very fitting for a wedding, dontcha think? I thought so :) She sang it right after we made our vows :) I loved that part.

Third of all: My mom knows how to throw a party. The reception was nothing less than a blast :) Although I wish so many people wouldn't have given us gifts. (I know I am a pain when it comes to being given gifts. It is not that I am not grateful, but I just wanted everyone to come and see us get married, not bring us presents. Really. I am not kidding. We'd already had two wedding showers. We didn't need a thing. Except a house. But that is another post for another time.)

Fourth of all: THE FAMILY & FRIENDS DUDE! My grandma made our wedding cake and her awesome chocolate candy. My mom made the bridesmaid dresses and the side cakes and all the food and the pretty floral things, and of course took care of everything. My mother in law altered my wedding dress for me, putting long lacy sleeves on it. My relatives, including my future mil and sil, decorated the reception building for us (one of our "bridezilla" moments if you ask me, but it's in the past, hopefully everyone forgives us for not helping decorate for our own wedding reception!) My aunt Linda video taped and took pics of EVERYTHING. All but one of my cousins were in the wedding party. Both my sister and brother were in the wedding party. Kevin's only sister and his 2 good friends were in the wedding party. Kevin's dad married us. My dad gave me away. He did it grudgingly, but still, he did it ;) My fourth grade teacher and many of my grade school/jr high/high school classmates were there to see me get married. One of my classmates did my hair for me! I had two hundred guests at my wedding! My best friend from jr high even braved the polkadot dress to register guests for us ;) haha

Basically, I guess what I am saying is: it meant more than anything else to me, having all the people that Kevin and I loved be there and involved when we vowed to start a life together. :)

So even though parts of my wedding were kind of... lame (don't tell my mom I said so, I think she still thinks everyone thought it was the wedding of the year. Because of the polkadots, no less ;) haha You gotta know my mom. LOL) ... it was one of the best days of my life :)


  1. I have got to see those dresses!!LOL My wedding was not what I always imagined, not even close. Maybe some day we will renew our vows. LOL

  2. I love weddings, and yet I am so thankful that I don't ever have to do one again! Well, not for me anyway. My daughter might not want to elope... But you are right, planning weddings stinks! My parents planned much of mine since I was away at college 1000 miles from home. It was beautiful, and people still talk about the way the gym at our church was transformed for the reception (my parents hired a convention decorator), but it was miserable work! But we were wisely told that no matter what happens on that day, if at the end of the day we were married, the day was a success! Here we are, almost 12 years later... :)

  3. Oh you have to show the polka dot dresses if anything. That the internet has got to see.
    Sounds like you were very blessed to have so many people be able to pull off an awesome wedding for next to nothing..even with polka dots. :)

  4. I would love to see pictures!

    Eaglewood and I eloped. It was wonderful, but I do regret the lack of pictures.

  5. LOL! It sounds perfect. Stuff has to go wrong or there's no story to tell.

    We took communion and I accidentally fed Chris a huge chunk of bread. The pastor saw it and gave a long prayer to give him time to finish chewing.

    My cake was hideous....and it was the one thing that I knew EXACTLY what I wanted.

    I remember being surprised that I didn't have to help clean up all the decorations. I felt so bad that my friends and family were stuck at the church for another 2 hours after I left when they had already done so much!

  6. It was a very nice wedding if I remember right. Much better than mine, although I do agree about the dresses, don't hate me they reminded me of minnie mouses dress. Remember I love ya!! lol
    But everything else was very nice. I have a list of complaints about my wedding a mile long and MOST of them started with my MIL. I'd love to some day renew our vows but I can't see a way to do it that his family wont be there. lol I know I'm terrible but not all of us have the wonderful relationship with our in laws that you got lucky enough to have. I envy you that. I can imagine a very nice renewal of our vows and a very cool party after but not in any of my imagining does his family appear, so it will never happen. *sigh*

  7. Oh, Lawanda, this is one of my favorite posts, ever. What a wonderful story. :)